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Part-time jobs for college students in Africa

17 Part-time jobs for college students

Most students are looking for Part-time jobs for college students to enable them earn extra income aside their allowance This has made most of them look for part-time jobs which is a good thing to do.

During my school days, I was opportune to have other choices of income apart from my unstable allowance from my parent.

Most of the part-time jobs can fit into your busy school and social schedules. See if you’d like to give one of these jobs try.

  • Blogging
  • Animal caretaker
  • Babysitting or Nanny
  • Bookkeeper
  • Cook
  • Brand ambassador
  • Security guard
  • Tutor
  • Restaurant server
  • Writer (Opera News Hub)
  • Errand and Cleaning job
  • Social media assistant
  • Professional Translator
  • Driver
  • Fitness trainer
  • Cashier
  • Barista
  • Bartender

Wordpress blogging tips

Starting a blog is more than a part-time job for students to undertake, is considered to be a full career in our world today. Notwithstanding, this can be considered as Part-time jobs for college students.

Just start a blog about for your department and keep on given them update and you will end up making a fortune from it on a long run.

Animal Caretaker:

Take care of a pet and earn from it

You can decide to take care of people’s pet and get some cash from it at the end of the month. You can join this part-time job with training animals (Animal Trainer) if you have an experience.

Babysitter or Nanny:

babysitting jobs in Nigeria

You can structure your time to fit into this line of job. For this type of job, you need to take care of kids for busy parent and you are paid for your time and in turn, you make cash from it.


Part-time jobs for college students

Big firms are always in constant need of someone that can help them keep their facts and figure. If you have the ability to document and take care of records then you should consider taking a part-time job in bookkeeping.


Part-time jobs for college students

Students are always busy with one thing or the order, so if you can make out time to satisfy them with what they might need then you can make extra cash from it.

You can decide cooking locals that are they can’t find around them and boom they will start coming.

Brand ambassador:

Part-time jobs for college students

Companies are in constant need of who can represent them in campuses. You can also become their representative as an brand ambassador.

Security guard:

Security jobs in Nigeria

Another part-time job for college students I would like you to consider is taking a job as a security guard in bars and other institutes.


Part-time jobs for college students

Most people are in constant need of those that understand the subject taught in classes better to enable the get good grades. This is one job I encourage students to take because it will give you enough time for your studies.

Restaurant server:

You can decide to go to restaurants to work few hours and earn extra cash also. Well, most restaurants give a free meal to their workers so you can use this to support yourself big time.


Most online companies would pay extra for a good writer so picking a job under this won’t be a bad idea. Just make your findings; you can start searching from Fivver or even start writing for Opera News Hub.

Errand and Cleaning job:

Most students are too lazy to clean or even run their own errands. You can take advantage of this to make a fortune from them. Just know how to balance your job with your job.

Social media assistant:

You can manage social media accounts for clients from your hostel and earn extra cash from it. All you need is a good writing skill and you need to be social to succeed in this line of job.

Professional Translators:

You can decide to be a professional Translator to foreign news agencies and make some money from it also.


If you own a car you can drive for Uber part-time or even run your own part-time on-campus transport business.

Fitness trainer:

This is another part-time job I can recommend to you. You can consider taking out little time as a fitness trainer and earn some cool cash from it also.

You can decide to design your own workout routine for freshmen and take them through it and thereby attaching a little price which they will pay.


This requires you to handle cash for little shops, grocery shops, and fast food restaurants.


You can also consider taking out some time before or after class to serve coffee and donuts as a part-time job.


Well, you need to be 21 or older to serve alcohol in some countries. Please, we encourage you to find out more about the age restriction before taking a job in this field.


Please, we encourage to first check if these jobs are something you would like to do before starting.

We might have just 17 Part-time jobs for college students but you can think about others you can also do to make some extra cash in school.