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Best 20 Christmas Jobs in Canada

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Best 20 Christmas Jobs in Canada

Today, we will be showing you some Top 20 Best Christmas Jobs you can go for this season.

Best Christmas Jobs in Canada
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December is the 12th month in the Calendar, which is one of the special months. There are lots of jobs you can do this Christmas period and make extra income.

Most people will spend their last penny enjoying themselves this season will you make more cash and still keep up with the activities.

Today, we will be sharing 20 Best Christmas Jobs in Canada which you can take advantage of. This job opportunity is not for those in Canada alone, you can also apply this in other countries like Nigeria, The United States of America, South Africa, etc.

Below are some of the seasonal jobs you can do this Christmas;

Santa Clause

Shopping malls around the world will be having Santa Clause visit and share gifts with kids. This is an opportunity to earn cool cash and still have fun with some lovely kids.

You might be thinking of the amounts Santa earns this season. Well, it is not a problem. An experienced Santa earns as much as 60,000 Dollars.

Christmas Elf

Elves are the green little guys that roles with Santa Clause. You can also earn some cash working as an Elf to help Santa distribute gift items.

Ski Instructor

Ski is a means of transportation and most people pay a lot to know how to be good. To be a Ski instructor this season you need Level 1 ski instructor qualification so don’t think you will just jump on the board and start a free class.

So, one of the jobs you can so effectively this Christmas season is becoming a Ski instructor.

Retail Worker

Some shopping malls will be hiring some extra staff this season to help them attend to more customers. During the Christmas period, most shops get double the number of customers they attend to on a normal month.

So, you can work get a seasonal job from most of those shops an earn extra money this season.

Delivery Temp

Most of the top delivery/logistics companies like UPS, Yodel and the Royal Mail all advertise for thousands of extra positions during the festive period, primarily in sorting offices but also in driving and driver support positions.

Do you know that this delivery temp role can land you a full-time job after this season?

Uber Driver

The movement of people from one location to another doubles every Christmas season which gives you more opportunity to capitalize on this to make some extra income aside from your usual paid some.

Do you have your driver’s license and you want to use that extra time you got to make some cool cash? Then work for UBER this season.

 Master of ceremonies (MC)

PixaBay: MC

Well I know you were not expecting this but trust me when I say this master of ceremonies guys are making cool cash. You can work as an MC this season and make some mind-blowing cash also.


So, Christmas is probably the most profitable time of the year, as people indulge themselves with all kinds of meats. You can actually work as a Butcher for these turkey fans this season.

Event Planner

You can work as someone that plans event and activities for homes, offices, and organization this season and also make some cool cash this special season.

Volunteer in Events

With the high rate of activities this season, you can work temporarily with event planners as a volunteer and earn some cash also.


Don’t worry there is pretty much to do this season. You can work as an Usher in big events and get paid.

Gift Wrapper

You can assist homes, offices, Malls and other places to Wrap gift pack for their clients and get some extra money.

Please note that you must be very creative to work as a gift wrapper for someone.

Personal Shopper

A lot of people will be busy during the Christmas season and they will be needed someone to help them take care of their shopping for them. Sp, you can actually get paid doing this favour to them.

Decorator for Christmas Trees

Most people will be looking for an expert in Christmas Tree decoration to assist them to make their homes and office look special. That is another job you can do this season.

Other jobs you can also do this season includes;

  • Rabbit Sitter
  •  Queen’s Speech Writer
  • Christmas Light Untangler
  • Ice Skating Instructor
  • Mince Pie Chef
  • Rabbit Sitter
  • Reindeer Handler

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