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What’s the Difference Between a Paramedic and an Emt

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EMTs and paramedics collaborate closely to offer emergency medical services (EMS). These two categories of EMS providers frequently carry out overlapping but different tasks.

Knowing the differences between these titles can be crucial when deciding on a career if you want to work in the healthcare industry.

In this post, we will examine what EMTs and paramedics are, how they differ, and how to become one of them.

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What’s an EMT?

An immediate medical technician is referred to as an EMT. An EMT is a first responder, which means they are among the first individuals on the scene when someone asks for emergency medical assistance.

An accident, fire, natural disaster, or response to any 911 call could have caused it.

EMTs need to know about and be good at medicine to help patients get stable in an emergency and get them to the hospital safely.

The following are some of an EMT’s primary duties:

  • Respond to 911 requests for immediate medical help
  • When you arrive, evaluate the situation and formulate a strategy immediately.
  • Control bleeding, give oxygen, and put IVs in.
  • Securing passengers in the ambulance’s back, transporting them to the hospital
  • Make and update reports on patient care
  • Doctors are updated on the patient’s condition.

What Is a paramedic?

The more skilled EMTs, known as paramedics, can execute more complex medical procedures like tracheotomies (EKGs) and give oral and intravenous drugs.

As ambulances arrive at hospitals and emergency rooms, paramedics tend to them.

As a result, paramedics can offer additional medical services in more dangerous situations since they have more sophisticated medical training and understanding.

Also, paramedics can work in various places, such as hospitals, helicopters, and airplanes, to help people in need.

The following are some of the duties a paramedic might have:

  • Attend to cries for help from those experiencing acute illness, accidents, fires, and other emergencies
  • Patients are diagnosed, and a speedy treatment strategy is created to stabilize them.
  • On the way to the hospital or at the site, provide emergency medical care
  • Transporting patients to the hospital while keeping them safe in the ambulance
  • If required, give life support
  • Dispense medication (the specifics of what they can give out depends on their level of training)
  • Track the patient’s vital signs
  • Inform receiving physicians of the patient’s condition.

What Are the Differences Between an Emt and a Paramedic?

Here are the key distinctions between EMTs and paramedics to help you understand what each of them does:

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Education and Training

The degree of education and training that paramedics and EMTs receive is the main distinction between them.

While an EMT training program can last six months and a year, a paramedic training program typically lasts between two and three years.

A valid driver’s license and first aid certification are required for both roles.

Main Responsibilities

Another important distinction is between the responsibilities of EMTs and paramedics.

More training is given to paramedics to deliver more sophisticated medical care.

Depending on the level of activity of the candidate, paramedics may have different duties, but they can do complex life-saving techniques like defibrillation and intubation by hand.


EMTs make an average of $28.91 per hour, while paramedics make an average of $27.37 per hour.

However, salaries differ depending on the employer, location, experience, and education.

How to Become an EMT

The stages necessary to become an EMT are listed below if you’re thinking about it:

  • Graduate high school and apply to an EMT program
  • Become licensed
  • Create a resume and apply

How to Become a paramedic

Instead, consider studying to become a paramedic to enhance your education and career.

The steps that follow are identical to the EMT career path, but the educational prerequisites are different:

  • Graduate high school and apply to a paramedic program
  • Become licensed
  • Create a resume and apply

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Paramedics and EMTs do similar things, like examine and diagnose patients, give them medicine, and drive an ambulance.

However, because paramedic training takes two years longer than EMT training, they can provide more sophisticated therapies on the spot.

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