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Full List of Jobs That Start With V

Are you looking to explore jobs that start with the letter V? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this blog post, we’ll look at a comprehensive list of jobs that begin with the letter V. 

From veterinary technicians to visual merchandisers, you’ll learn about the unique career options starting with the letter V. 

So read on to find out more about these exciting job opportunities.

Full List of Jobs That Start With V

1. Veterinary Technician 

Veterinary Technicians care for sick and injured animals, help veterinarians during exams and surgeries, collect lab samples, administer medications, and educate pet owners about preventive healthcare. 

However, the average salary for Veterinary Technicians is $35,000 per year. 

2. Valet 

A Valet’s primary responsibility is to park and retrieve cars for customers at businesses such as restaurants, hotels, airports, or residential properties. 

However, the average salary for Valets is $14 an hour. 

3. Videographer 

A Videographer is responsible for creating content such as promotional videos, commercials, documentaries, etc. 

However, they must be knowledgeable in both shooting video and editing footage. 

Furthermore, the average salary for Videographers is $50,000 per year. 

4. Video Game Designer 

Video Game Designers are responsible for creating a video game’s overall look and feel and creating rules and objectives for the gameplay. 

They must also create characters and environments for the game.

However, Video Game Designers must have technical programming, scripting, animation, and audio design skills to bring their ideas to life. 

Furthermore, on average, Video Game Designers make around $85,000 annually. 

5. Veterinarian 

Veterinarians diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in animals, perform medical tests, prescribe medication, conduct surgery, counsel animal owners on proper pet care, and set up vaccination schedules. 

However, the median salary for Veterinarians is $94,820 annually. 

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants provide support services from a remote location.

Their duties may also include scheduling meetings, answering emails, data entry, customer service, and administrative tasks. 

This is one of the jobs that start with V that have a flexible schedule with decent pay.

However, on average, Virtual Assistants make around $17 an hour. 

7. Vehicle Mechanic 

Vehicle Mechanics inspect and repair automobiles, trucks, buses, boats, trailers, and other motorized vehicles. 

However, Vehicle Mechanics typically earn around $45,890 annually. 

8. Vocational Nurse

Vocational Nurses provide primary nursing care and follow doctors’ orders while working in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, and more. 

The median salary for Vocational Nurses is $47,480 per year. 

9. Video Editor

Video Editors create, organize, and edits video content. 

This could also include short films, music videos, advertisements, and more.

However, Video Editors must be creative and skilled in using video editing software. They are one of the most sought-after jobs that start with V.

Furthermore, the average salary for Video Editors is $58,000 a year. 

10. Vending Machine Repairer 

Vending Machine Repairers install and maintain vending machines, keeping them clean and stocked.

However, they troubleshoot problems and perform repairs when needed.

Additionally, they often deliver merchandise to clients. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for Vending Machine Repairers is $41,690. 

11. Verification Specialist 

Verification Specialists review customer applications and documents for accuracy and completeness, ensuring all required information is present before approving applications. 

However, their primary focus is preventing fraudulent activities. They typically verify personal, contact, and financial information. 

Some may even check credit and criminal history as part of their verification process. 

The median salary for a Verification Specialist is around $32,500 a year. 

12. Veterinary Technician 

Veterinary Technicians assist Veterinarians in examining and treating sick or injured animals.

They take vital signs such as heart rate and temperature, monitor anesthetized patients, administer medications and vaccinations, and collect samples for lab testing. 

They may also educate pet owners on proper care for their pets.

However, Veterinary Technicians must have a compassionate attitude, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. 

The median salary for Veterinary Technicians is $33,400 annually. 

13. Vehicle Body Repairer 

Vehicle Body Repairers restore damaged bodies of automobiles, recreational vehicles, and other motorized vehicles. 

They remove damaged parts, prepare and prime the body, align panels and parts, weld replacement parts, and apply sealants and paint. 

However, the median salary for Vehicle Body Repairers is $39,540 a year which is excellent pay for jobs that start with V.  

14. Veterinary Pharmacy Technician 

Veterinary Pharmacy Technicians assist veterinarians by preparing and dispensing medications for their animal patients. 

However, the median salary for Veterinary Pharmacy Technicians is $29,710 a year.

15. Valuation Analyst 

Valuation Analysts are responsible for determining assets’ current and potential value, such as businesses, real estate, investments, and securities. 

They examine financial statements, industry trends, and other factors to determine a fair market value. 

However, Valuation Analysts must possess excellent research and analytical skills and strong knowledge of accounting principles. 

The median salary for Valuation Analysts is $71,950 a year. 

16. Video Game Programmer 

Video Game Programmers are responsible for writing code to create games. 

They use computer programming languages and specialized game engines to create games and ensure they run correctly. 

However, Video Game Programmers must have a good understanding of mathematics, physics, and computer science and strong problem-solving skills. 

The median salary for Video Game Programmers is $86,510 a year.

Other Jobs that start with V

17. Vehicle Breakdown Engineer 
18. Vehicle MET Technician 
19. Vehicle Parts Advisor 
20. Vehicle Salesperson 
21. Vehicle Spray Painter 
22. Veterinary Nurse 
23. Veterinary Surgeon 
24. Visitor Attraction Manager 
25. Visitor Services Adviser 
26. Visual Merchandiser 


Various jobs and occupations start with the letter V. The opportunities are plentiful, from working as a Veterinary Technician or Veterinarian to being a Valuer or Video Game Developer, etc.

Regardless of a career path, there is likely to be a job title starting with V that suits their needs. 

Therefore, it is crucial to research and consider all available options before making significant decisions regarding one’s career path. 

Doing so will help ensure a successful and satisfying career in the future.