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Full List of Jobs That Start With A

Are you curious about what jobs start with the letter A? Look no further.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of job titles starting with A. 

From accountants to actuaries and auditors to anthropologists, you’re sure to find something piques your interest. 

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a change of pace, this list will help you explore various available job options. 

Read on to discover the many career opportunities that begin with the letter A.

Full List of Jobs That Start With A

1. Accountant 

An accountant is responsible for preparing, examining, and analyzing financial records, such as tax returns and budgets. 

In addition, the median salary for this position is $69,350.

2. Archaeologists 

Archaeologists study past human cultures by uncovering artifacts and collecting evidence from ancient sites. 

However, this job requires a minimum bachelor’s degree in archaeology, anthropology, or a related field. 

Furthermore, the median salary for archaeologists is approximately $62,280 annually. 

3. Architect 

Architects design buildings and other structures following their client’s requirements and applicable building codes and regulations. 

However, most employers require architects to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for architects is around $76,100. 

4. Art Director 

Art directors oversee the production of artwork and designs used in projects like advertisements or magazines. 

However, Art directors need at least a Bachelor’s degree in art or design and several years of experience in the field. They are also one of the cool jobs that start with A.

In addition, the median annual salary for art directors is around $93,300. 

5. Attorney

Attorneys provide legal advice and represent clients in court cases or negotiations. 

However, to become an attorney, individuals must pass the bar exam and obtain a license to practice law. 

Depending on the state they practice in, attorneys may also be required to complete additional education or training. 

In addition, an attorney earns a median salary of $122,960 per year. 

6. Astronomer 

Astronomers observe stars, planets, galaxies, and other celestial objects to understand how they work and interact with each other. 

However, Astronomers need a Master’s in astronomy or physics to work in this field. 

They also make an average annual salary of about $115,220. 

7. Audiologist 

Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing-related problems in patients. 

They also use advanced medical technology like hearing tests and hearing aids to help patients improve their hearing. 

However, Audiologists need a Doctorate in Audiology and must be licensed by their state. 

They can also expect to make an average salary of $77,420. 

8. Athletic Trainer 

Athletic trainers assist athletes and coaches in preventing injuries and helping injured athletes recover correctly. 

They are also one of the fun jobs that start with A because they get to spend time with professional athletes.

However, Most employers prefer athletic trainers who possess a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology or a similar field and are certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification. 

Additionally, the average salary for athletic trainers is $48,440. 

9. Auditor 

Auditors examine organizations’ financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

However, Auditors must have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field to enter this career path. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for auditors is roughly $71,550. 

10. Aviator

Aviators fly airplanes or helicopters for various purposes, including transportation, cargo delivery, emergency rescues, crop dusting, and military operations. 

However, Pilots may need to undergo extensive training and obtain licenses depending on the type of plane. 

Furthermore, the median salary for commercial pilots is around $82,240. 

11. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers coordinate aircraft movement in and out of airports to prevent collisions and accidents. 

However, to become an air traffic controller, individuals must meet specific physical, educational, and psychological criteria set by the FAA. 

Averagely, the annual salary for air traffic controllers is $122,995. 

12. Appraiser 

Appraisers evaluate properties to determine the market value of a property for taxation or insurance purposes. 

However, Appraisers may specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial properties. 

Furthermore, the median salary for appraisers is $58,610. 

13. Animator 

Animators create two or three-dimensional animations for television, film, video games, and other forms of media. 

However, Animators must possess a bachelor’s degree in animation or a related field. 

Although natural talent can help boost this career, it’s one of the most exciting jobs that start with A.

Furthermore, the median salary for animators is approximately $70,530. 

14. Astronomers

Astronomers study the stars and planets in our universe and their movements, compositions, and evolution.

However, this profession requires at least a master’s degree in astronomy or a related field and experience using observational instruments and mathematical models. 

Furthermore, the median wage for astronomers is about $111,220 per year.

15. Actuary 

Actuaries use mathematical principles to calculate future events’ likelihood and potential financial costs. 

However, to become an actuary, you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, economics, statistics, actuarial science, or finance. 

In addition, you’ll need to pass several exams given by the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. 

Furthermore, the median salary for actuaries is $102,880.

16. Audio Engineer

Audio engineers specialize in recording, mixing, editing, and mastering sound recordings for various media outlets. 

They are also responsible for setting up and maintaining recording equipment in studios and on-location shoots. 

However, Audio engineers typically hold at least an associate’s degree in audio engineering or music production. 

Furthermore, their median salary is around $60,000 per year. 

17. Aerospace Engineer 

Aerospace engineers use their knowledge of aerodynamics and other disciplines to design, build, test, and repair aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, satellites, and other flying objects. 

However, to become an aerospace engineer, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a closely related discipline.

 Additionally, in this occupation, the annual average salary is $117,100.

Other Jobs that Start with A

  1. Accounting Technician
  2. Accounts Assistant
  3. Actor
  4. Acupuncturist
  5. Administrative Assistant 
  6. Advertising Account Executive 
  7. Advertising Account Planner 
  8. Advice Worker
  9. Advocate 
  10. Advertising Copywriter
  11. Advocates’ Clerk 
  12. Aerial and Satellite Installer 
  13. Aerospace Engineer
  14. Agricultural Consultant
  15. Air Cabin Crew
  16. Air Conditioning Engineer
  17. Aircraft Mechanic or Engineer
  18. Airline or Airport Passenger Service Assistant
  19. Ambulance Care Assistant
  20. Ambulance Technician
  21. Anatomical Pathology Technologist
  22. Animal Care Assistant
  23. Animal Technician
  24. Animator
  25. Air Quality Consultant
  26. Air Traffic Controller
  27. Applications Developer
  28. Arborist
  29. Archaeologist
  30. Architectural Technologist
  31. Archivist
  32. Army
  33. Aromatherapist
  34. Art Therapist
  35. Arts Administrator
  36. Assembler
  37. Assistance Dog Trainer
  38. Astronomer or Astrophysicist
  39. Auctioneer
  40. Audiologist
  41. Autom


If you are looking for jobs that start with the letter A, there are many options. 

However, each of these positions comes with its unique salary and requirements. 

Accounting, actuary, administrative assistant, air traffic controller, and anthropologist are just a few of the many jobs that begin with the letter A. 

These positions offer great opportunities for growth and advancement, so take the time to research each one to decide which one is right for you.