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Wise Business: Wise Batch Payments, Benefits, Costs, and Services

For any business, managing payments efficiently is crucial. Whether it’s paying employees, suppliers, or invoices, getting it right is essential for smooth operations. 

That’s where Wise Business comes in, offering a range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses operating on a global scale. 

One of its standout features is Wise Batch Payments, a tool designed to streamline the process of making multiple transfers at once.

What Are Wise Batch Payments?

Wise Batch Payments allow businesses to create and send up to 1,000 transfers in multiple currencies with just one upload. 

Instead of handling individual payments one at a time, businesses can upload a CSV or .xlsx file containing all the necessary transfer details and make a single payment to cover all transfers.

How to Use Wise Batch Payments

Creating batch payments with Wise is straightforward:

Set up your Wise Business account and complete verification.

Access Batch Payments by clicking ‘Send money’ and selecting ‘Batch Payments’.

Download the batch payment template file and fill in recipient details.

Save the file as a .CSV and upload it on the batch payments page.

Review and confirm your transfers, then make the payment.

How to Create a Batch Payment

Creating a batch payment is simple. After setting up your Wise Business account and verifying it, navigate to the Batch Payments section. From there, download a batch payment template file, fill in your recipients’ details, save the file as a .CSV, and upload it. Finally, review the transfers and make the payment.

Choosing a Template

Wise provides different templates to suit your needs. These templates help you organize recipient details efficiently. Whether you’re using email addresses, saved recipients, or manual bank details, there’s a template for you.

Paying for Your Batch

Payment options include local bank transfer or using balances from your Wise Business account. It’s recommended to pay immediately to take advantage of the guaranteed rate, but transfers remain open for a few days if immediate payment is not possible.

If you can’t pay immediately, transfers will remain open for a few days before being automatically canceled.

Who Can Use Wise Batch Payments?

This feature proves valuable for various types of businesses:

Businesses with International Employees or Freelancers: Companies employing individuals or freelancers across different countries can efficiently manage their international payroll using batch payments.

Businesses Handling Recurring Invoices or Suppliers: Organizations dealing with recurring invoices or multiple suppliers can streamline their payment procedures by utilizing batch payments.

Fast-growing Companies with International Clients: For companies catering to a global clientele, the ability to operate efficiently across borders is essential. 

Batch payments enable them to speed up payment processing and focus on improving customer experience.

E-commerce Platforms and Marketplaces: E-commerce platforms often need to execute mass payouts to sellers, customer refunds, or affiliates. Batch payments offer an ideal solution for simplifying their payout processes.

Benefits of Wise Business Accounts

Cost-Effective Transactions: Enjoy significant cost savings on international transactions with low, transparent fees.

Efficiency in International Payments: Streamline the process of making international payments, reducing transaction time.

Multi-Currency Capabilities: Hold and manage funds in multiple currencies, saving on conversion costs.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management: Integrate with accounting software for real-time visibility and better cash flow management.

Simplified Payroll and Vendor Payments: Send money to multiple countries in various currencies quickly and affordably.

Transparent and User-Friendly Interface: Easily track payments and understand fees with a user-friendly interface.

Robust Security Measures: Benefit from advanced security protocols to protect financial transactions and data.

Essential Things You Need to Know Before Starting Wise Batch Payments

A batch payment enables you to create and send many transfers at once by uploading a file. Instead of setting up individual transfers, you can handle up to 1,000 transfers with a single file.

But before you dive in, here are essential things you need to know:

1. Adding a Refund Account:

To safeguard against cancellations or refunds, you’ll need to add your own bank account as a refund account. This ensures any refunded amount is directed back to your account promptly.

2. Integration with Time Doctor

If you use Time Doctor for payroll, you can seamlessly integrate Wise’s batch payments tool. This enables you to pay overseas employees efficiently and effectively.

3. Automating Payments with Wise API

For businesses looking to automate payments, Wise offers an open API. This integration allows you to streamline workflows, automate payments, and manage finances seamlessly.

4. No Extra Charges or Premium Subscriptions:

Wise’s API integration comes at no extra cost. There are no premium subscriptions required, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

5. Quick and Easy Setup:

Setting up Wise’s API integration takes just a few minutes. Once you have your tokens, you’re ready to start automating payments and connecting your business tools.

6. Comprehensive Support and Resources:

Wise provides comprehensive support and resources to help businesses make the most of their batch payments tool and API integration. Whether you need assistance with setup or have questions along the way, Wise is there to support you.


Wise Business offers a modern, efficient, and cost-effective solution for businesses engaged in international trade. 

By leveraging Wise Batch Payments and other services, businesses can overcome the challenges of global finance and achieve better financial management and operational efficiency.