How To Check My GLO Phone Number With Code + SMS in 2024 (See Guide)

How To Check My GLO Phone Number With Code + SMS in 2024 (See Guide)

Are you finding it hard to remember your GLO phone number? Don’t worry; there are easy methods you can use to check your GLO number without any hassle. 

In this guide, we’ll show you various ways to check your GLO phone number using USSD codes, SMS, customer care, SIM pack, and even through a call to a friend.

Globacom, popularly known as GLO, is a leading telecommunications network service provider in Nigeria, renowned for its affordable data plans and extensive coverage.

How To Check Your GLO Phone Number

Here’s retrieve your GLO  phone number if you hae lost it: 

1. Using USSD Code for Checking Glo Number

The quickest way to check your GLO phone number is by using USSD codes. Simply dial *135*8# and send the call. 

Your 11-digit GLO mobile number will be displayed on your screen, and you’ll also receive an SMS containing your number.

2. Via SMS

If the USSD code method doesn’t work on your device, you can check your GLO number by sending an SMS. 

Compose a new message with the word “info” (without quotes) and send it to 124. You’ll receive a response from GLO containing essential account information, including your phone number.

3. Retrieve Your GLO Number Using a Phone Call

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to retrieve your GLO phone number without accessing your phone’s settings or using any codes, you can Dial 1244 from your GLO line.

After dialing the number, you’ll hear an automated message. Listen carefully to the voice prompts provided.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate option, the automated system will read out your GLO phone number aloud.  Be ready to jot down your phone number or remember it as it’s being read out.

4. Using Customer Care

You can also contact GLO’s customer care service toll-free line at 300 or 0805 002 0121 to assist you in retrieving your phone number. 

However, this method may take more time compared to others because you have to follow numerous voice prompts or wait to speak to an agent. 

5. Checking Your GLO Number Online

Visit the Glo self-care website using your internet browser. Once the website loads, scroll down, and you’ll see your GLO phone number displayed visibly in the format “Welcome, 080*******”.

If you’re using a PC, look at the right-hand side of your screen, and you’ll find your phone number.

6. Using SIM Pack

If you still have your GLO SIM pack, you can find your phone number printed on the pack. This method is useful if you don’t have access to your phone or if you’re unable to use the USSD code or SMS method.

7. Using Mobile App

Checking your GLO phone number through the Glo App is another convenient way to retrieve your phone number, especially if you have internet access. 

If you’ve installed the GLO Cafe app on your smartphone and activated it, you can check your phone number by logging into the app. 

Your phone number will be displayed under your profile information. 


Can I Check My Glo Number by Calling Another Phone Number?

Yes, you have the option to call any phone number, regardless of whether it’s a Glo line or not. 

You can then request the recipient to read out the phone number displayed on their caller ID.

However, it’s important to note that this method requires you to have sufficient airtime on your Glo line to make the call.


Checking your GLO phone number is a simple process thanks to the various methods provided by GLO, including USSD codes, SMS, and mobile apps.

Once you’ve successfully retrieved your GLO phone number, it’s crucial to save it in your phone’s contacts or write it down for future reference. 

This ensures easy access to your number whenever needed.

How to Get Jamb Profile Code Through Email in 2024/2025

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has introduced a profile code as part of its several updates in its 2024 examination processes. The JAMB profile code is an indispensable number that must be presented during JAMB registration. 

Upon registration, candidates are required to obtain their unique 10-digit “PROFILE CODE” either via SMS or Email. 

This article eases the hassle by walking you through the processes involved in receiving your JAMB profile code in 2024. 

What Is a Jamb Profile Code?

The JAMB Profile Code is a unique 10-digit number allocated to each candidate of UTME and Direct Entry examinations. 

It’s the very first step in applying to sit for the JAMB examinations and embarking on the registration journey. 

This code links your personal information to the official JAMB records and ensures a distinctive examination process. 

How to Get Your Jamb Profile Code in 2024 With Text Message

Getting your unique 10-digit profile code during the 2024 UTME registrations could be easier if you follow these simple steps. 

1. Obtain your National Identification Number (NIN)

Your NIN is a very essential tool in receiving your JAMB profile code. You should have it handy or know the numbers offhand. 

National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique 11-digit number that identifies you for life and is issued to you by the NIMC after enrollment. 

It matches you with your biometric data and other details in the National Identity Database during authentication and verification. 

To obtain your NIN, visit any NIMC around you for registration. For NIN retrieval, dial *346# on your phone with the same SIM card you initially used for your NIN enrollment. 

From the options displayed, select NIN retrieval by pressing 1. Your 11-digit NIN would be displayed on your phone screen or check your inbox for such a message. 

2. Have an Active SIM Card

A working SIM card registered with your name and NIN is needed to generate your personalized JAMB profile code.

3. Send the NIN number

Send the phrase “NIN” followed by a space and your 11-digit NIN number, e.g. NIN 11223344555 to 55019 or 66019. 

You’d be charged an amount of #50 by your network provider when sending this message. However, your airtime balance shouldn’t be less than #50 as when this process is initiated 

4. Wait for reply

A reply will be sent to you containing your JAMB profile code and full name after sending this message. The profile code is a 10-digit unique number e.g. 1122334455. 

5. Buy an e-PIN

After receiving your JAMB 10-digit profile code, you need to proceed to purchase your JAMB e-PIN. 

JAMB e-PINs can be obtained from accredited internet cafès so you can complete your registration. 

How to Get Your Profile Code Through Email

Getting your JAMB profile code delivered to your email address is very possible and straightforward. 

Kindly follow the following steps to have your personalized 10-digit profile code sent to your personal email address:

Send the following information in this order : 

1. Surname, First name, and Middle name 

2. NIN (National Identification Number)

3. Mobile number for receiving code 

To : [email protected] OR Visit: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check My Jamb Profile Code?

To check your JAMB profile code, open the text message app on your phone and send your NIN (National Identification Number) followed by your NIN number to either 55019 or 66019. 

For example, send “NIN 09876543210” to “55019”. Wait for your JAMB profile code, which you should receive either immediately or within 24 hours. Once you receive the profile code, proceed to purchase your JAMB e-PIN.

Can I Obtain My Jamb Profile Code Using Another Phone Number?

The JAMB profile code is a crucial requirement for JAMB registration and admission processes. You can obtain the JAMB profile code by sending your NIN to either 55019 or 66019. 

If you are a new candidate, you can use another phone number to obtain the JAMB profile code. However, if you are a returning candidate, you cannot use another phone number.

How Can I Check My Jamb Profile?

To check your JAMB profile, visit the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) E-facility portal at

How Can I Check My Jamb Profile Without an Email?

You can check your admission status without an email address for the year 2024 by following these steps:

1. Download the JAMB Mobile App.

2. Log in using your JAMB registration number.

3. Navigate to “Check Admission Status.”

4. Enter your details.

5. View your status.

Can I Change My Jamb Email?

Once used, emails and phone numbers for JAMB cannot be changed. However, if you have made a mistake, you can raise a ticket to have the profile with incorrect details stepped down. This allows you to start fresh with accurate information.


By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily retrieve your profile code and proceed with purchasing your JAMB e-PIN. 

Avoid falling for scammers who claim to help obtain your Jamb Profile code; it’s something you do yourself easily.