Gift Card in Spanish: What are the Types of Spain Gift Cards
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Gift Card in Spanish: What are the Types of Spain Gift Cards

Have you ever tried to buy a gift for someone in Spain but weren’t sure what to get them? 

Gift cards are always a great option, but did you know there are different types of gift cards popular in Spain? 

As you start shopping, you’ll want to know the options to choose the perfect card for your recipient. 

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Whether they’re a foodie who loves dining out, an avid reader, someone into the latest tech, or who appreciates flexibility, Spain has you covered with gift cards for every interest. 

Keep reading to explore the variety of gift cards available in Spain so you can pick out the ideal option for anyone on your list. 

You’ll be all set to surprise and delight with the right card.

What is a Gift Card in Spanish

A Spanish gift card is a special card you can buy and use to get things or do activities in Spain. 

It’s like having money on a card you can use at a specific store, brand, or place in Spain. 

You can buy the card in different amounts, and it comes in either a physical card that you can hold or a digital card that you can use online.

Gift cards to a recipient’s preferred stores are versatile and let them get exactly what they want. 

And unlike cash, gift cards encourage recipients to treat themselves to something special. 

For many, there’s no better gift than the ability to shop with abandon at their favorite place.

Some cards never expire, while others are valid for 3-6 months, allowing flexibility for use. 

From restaurants to department stores, there are many gift cards in Spain. 

Types of Spain Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect if you want to give the gift of choice. With these cards, the recipient can shop at their favorite clothing stores, home goods stores, eat at restaurants, or wherever they like.

In Spain, some of the major gift cards include:

1. El Corte Inglés

Spain’s largest department store chain. Gift cards can be used at any of their locations across Spain to purchase everything from clothing and home decor to gourmet food items.

2. Zara

One of Spain’s most popular clothing retailers, especially for the latest fashion trends. These cards let the recipient pick out whatever they want. 

Zara gift cards allow recipients to pick new outfits that match their style.

3. Leroy Merlin

A Leroy Merlin gift card for the DIYer or home improvement enthusiast means they can buy supplies for their latest project. 

Leroy Merlin is Spain’s largest home improvement and gardening retailer.

4. La Carta Regalo

Spain is a foodie’s paradise, with some of the world’s best restaurants at your fingertips. 

La Carta Regalo gift card is accepted at over 4,000 restaurants across Spain, including VIPS, La Tagliatella, and Cerveceria La Sureña. 

Cards range from €25-€200 and are valid for 2 years.

5. Gourmet Gift Card

Gourmet Gift Card can be used at gourmet and casual dining spots like Lhardy, Mallorca, and Viena Capellanes. Cards start at €30 and expire after 3 years.

6. Ticket Restaurant Gift Card

This gift card makes an excellent gift for any food-loving friend or family member.

Ticket Restaurant Gift Card is accepted at thousands of restaurants, cafes, and bars, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks. 

It values from €5-€50 and is valid for 2 years. Great for casual meals and coffee on the go.

7. FNAC gift card

The FNAC gift card is a popular Spanish gift card. It allows people to buy things from FNAC stores and online. 

You can use it to get electronics, books, music, movies, and more. The card can be used at any FNAC store or online. 

It’s suitable for shopping and also for travel. You can buy flights, hotels, and other services while in Spain. 

It’s a convenient way to explore and enjoy Spain without worrying about money.

8. Paradores Gift Card

The Paradores gift card is another great option for a special gift. It can be used at all Paradores hotels in Spain, which are luxury hotels with a lot of history. 

The gift card can be used for accommodation, meals, and other services at any Paradores hotel. 

It can also be used for activities like sightseeing and spa treatments. The card is valid for up to two years, so they can use it whenever they’re ready. 

If the card doesn’t have enough money, they can add more using their credit or debit card. It’s a thoughtful and flexible gift for someone special.


Can I Use a Spanish Gift Card Online?

Major Spanish retailers like El Corte Inglés, Zara, Mango, and others allow you to use gift cards for online purchases and stores. 

Some smaller businesses may only accept gift cards for in-person purchases, so check with the merchant first. 

Using a gift card online is convenient, allowing you to shop from anywhere and avoid crowds.

Do Spain Gift Cards Expire?

Most Spanish gift cards do not expire and can be used indefinitely after purchase. 

However, some cards may charge inactivity fees if not used within a certain period, usually 12-24 months. 

These fees are deducted directly from the card balance. To avoid inactivity fees, use the card regularly for purchases or check if the balance can be consolidated onto a single card.

 It’s best to check the specific terms for the card you have.

Can I Get a Refund for an Unused Spanish Gift Card?

Once purchased, Spanish gift cards are generally nonrefundable. The value on the card can only be used to make purchases from the merchant that issued the card. 

Some merchants may allow you to exchange an unused gift card for a card from another store within the same retail group. 

But in most cases, unused funds on a gift card are forfeited.

Are There Spanish Gift Cards for Specific Stores?

Many major Spanish retailers like Zara, Mango, El Corte Inglés, and others offer their gift cards that can only be used in their stores or on their websites. 

Store-specific gift cards are a great option if you know the recipient shops regularly at a particular place. 

Check with the retailers for their specific gift card options, denominations, and applicable terms or conditions.

What Types of Gift Cards Are Available in Spain?

In Spain, there are different types of gift cards to choose from. You can find gift cards for shopping, dining, entertainment, and general use. 

Some well-known gift cards in Spain include El Corte Inglés, Amazon Spain, and Fnac gift cards.

Where Can I Buy a Spanish Gift Card?

You can buy a gift card in Spain through the retailer’s website or at their physical store. 

Popular retailers like El Corte Inglés, Amazon Spain, Decathlon, and Fnac offer gift cards. You can also find gift cards from specialized providers or online resellers.


Whether you’re looking for a practical yet thoughtful gift for a friend or family member or want to treat yourself to something special, gift cards offer flexibility and convenience. 

You can find a gift card that suits your needs with options from retailers like El Corte Inglés and Zara to more niche stores tailored to hobbies and interests. 

And the best part is that you’re giving the gift of choice by purchasing a gift card. Spanish gift cards are flexible, allowing recipients to choose what they want. 

But some cards have restrictions, so check the details before buying. With the right card and an understanding of how they work, you can give a gift that will be appreciated for a long time.