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Best summer jobs for Teenagers in NYC

Summertime is one of the best seasons of the year. This is the season when most New Yorkers go on holiday or picnics to enjoy the warm feeling of summer.

Teenagers are out of school on long-term holidays during this time and it is important to engage in something interesting while on holiday.

There are summer jobs for teenagers in NYC, most of these jobs are part-time as you can work for a few hours and earn money.

List of summer jobs for Teenagers in NYC

Summer jobs for teenagers in NYC are are

  • Photography
  • Translator
  • Tutor
  • Carwash attendant
  • Modeling
  • Baby sitter
  • Baker
  • Petsitter

As a teenager, you could earn a minimum wage of $7 per hour as most teenagers lack the basic experience on the job.

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Photography is one summer job for teenagers in NYC.

Do you love taking pictures? You can make some earnings as a teenage photographer. You can upload photos that are of high quality and post them on websites that deal with photos where people view them and buy them.

You can post them on photo websites like The Spruce, Strobist, 500px, The Photo Argus, and more.


Another summer job for teenagers in NYC is to be able to translate languages and it is made possible if you can speak different languages.

Some several companies and websites need their content to reach more countries. Some articles have been translated into different languages with the help of a translator.

You can become a teenage translator and earn an adequate amount of income during summer.


Have you ever been taught being a tutor as a teenager? You can become one as it is one good summer job for teenagers.

You can teach and organize younger students or pupils as a teenager on online platforms. You get to assist them in doing their assignment and educate them on topics they find difficult to understand. It is one good way in making a good amount of money.

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Carwash Attendant

This is a job that almost every teenager can hence, it is one summer job for teenagers in NYC.

You’ve been washing your parents’ car without being paid why not try venturing into the field and earn from it.

The job ensures you wash dirty cars clean. There is a rewarding salary that comes with it. You can earn like $8 per hour washing cars.


It’s super cool and fun working as a model. Modeling jobs do not require a specific age to do as a day-old baby can be used as a model.

Summer jobs for teenagers in NYC can be more fun working as a model. You can work as a runway model or facial modeling. All you have to do is a catwalk and display whatever you are modeling.

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Facial models don’t require much as modeling agencies require just your face for the job. If you are good on the job you are likely to be on the path of professional modeling.

Baby Sitter

You need to be good with kids to be able to babysit them.

You can find babysitting as a summer job in NYC. Most parents today are in need of babysitters to take care of their kids when they are far away from home.

All you need to do is take care of them and engage them in fun activities till their parents are home.


Baking during summer is a lot of fun. It takes a person who loves baking to become great at it.

You can bake pastries as a teenager, you just have to be good at it. Birthday cakes are always in demand as every day, people are celebrating their birthdays daily. You can do it at the convenience of your home by delivering online to customers who order your pastries. It is a good summer job for teenagers in New York City.

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Pet Sitter

Do you love pets? Of course, most people do. You just might earn some cool cash while taking care of someone’s pet.

Looking for a summer job as a teenager in New York? You just might consider looking after people’s pets and get paid. It’s an easy job for teenagers as all you do is fetch food and water for them, bathe them and give them security. Sounds fun don’t you think?


There are more summer jobs you can do as a teenager during summer in NYC. Is there anyone you intend doing write it down in the comment section? Don’t forget to like and share.