Easy to get Entry-level jobs at Apple
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Full list of Easy to get Entry-level jobs at Apple

So today we would be discussing easy to get entry-level jobs at apple, but before we delve into that let’s discuss Apple as an organization.

The history behind the company name apple is quite amusing you know. In an interview the founder of Apple was asked why he named his company Apple, he simply said they couldn’t come up with a name hence the fruit apple came to mind which birthed the name “Apple”.

The company was founded by college dropouts by the two Steves, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak on April 1st of 1976.

An interesting story isn’t it? Well, this article isn’t for the historical facts of Apple rather it is to enlighten you on easy to get entry-level jobs at Apple. Keep scrolling to find out!

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Easy to get entry-level jobs at apple

Here is the list of easy to get entry-level jobs at Apple:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software quality engineer
  • Legal Admin assistant
  • Social marketing lead
  • Data center technician
  • Employee relations consultant

Software Engineer

Software engineering is the first job on our list of easy-to-get entry-level jobs at apple, yes you can get an entry-level job at Apple as a software engineer. It may sound impossible but it is indeed possible. Software Engineers in their early career can be employed at Apple and you can earn over $70,000 to $100,000 per year as a software engineer.

The job of a software engineer is vital as they create end-to-end solutions that are highly secured and APIs for many Apple services.

Software quality engineer

Do you consider becoming a software engineer at Apple? Well, you can get an entry-level job as a software quality engineer.

You have to be detailed and analytical as a software quality engineer. They make use of a bug tracking system and give a detailed report to the software developers. The average salary of a software quality engineer in Apple is about $120,000 annually which is high pay in our society currently.

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Top companies in the world today have a legal admin assistant that operates in the areas they are required to operate.

If you are into the legal profession you definitely can get an entry-level job as a legal admin assistant in Apple. The job of a legal admin assistant is to organize and administer legal information needed in the work environment they operate. They also take calls, memos, and maintain legal documents in the company. The average annual salary of an Apple legal admin assistant is over $42,000 currently.

Social marketing lead

You can get an entry-level job as a social marketing lead at Apple. You have to know the trends if you desire to work as a social marketing lead in Apple.

It is required of social marketing lead to make use of social best practices for groups from different sectional areas of the company including stakeholders both internally and externally. You can earn a rewarding salary of $83,707 as a social marketing lead in Apple annually.

Data center technician

Getting an entry-level job as a Data Center Technician at Apple requires skills in areas of generating ideas of innovation and technology.

You get to work with a team of like-minded people and help proffer solutions for maintaining and operating facilities in the Apple company. The average salary of a Data Center Technician is about $54,275 in a year.

Employee relations consultant

You can get an entry-level job and earn over $82,000 per year working as an employee relations consultant at Apple.

The qualifications needed to become an employee relations consultant is a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. They are responsible for employees in the company by working hand in hand with the HR departments. They also inspect and manage issues that affect the employees within the company and proffer possible solutions for them.

You need to be skillful in areas of advising and influencing all levels concerning critical and complex employee relations decisions, such as performance management, harassment, business conduct, terminations, restructuring, and HR policies, guidelines, and practices. These decisions may have a critical effect on the organization and may trigger a high level of risk.

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Over the years Apple has developed a reputation for itself millions of people all over the world using their creative applications. It would be a great experience working with a dignified company like Apple don’t you think? That’s all on our list of easy to get entry-level jobs at Apple.

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