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Top 20 Jobs Where You Can Work With Dogs

Have you ever thought of working hand in hand with dogs in a particular job? In this article, we shall be sharing top jobs where you can work with dogs. These jobs are so amazing and have lots of career building opportunities for you .

Dogs are regarded one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Their IQ level has led to some breeds of dogs being employed within the police force and beyond. Many persons have asked if it were possible to work hand in hand with dogs considering possible communication barriers that may exist between humans and animals a times.

Why should I work with Dogs?

There are some good reason and advantages of working with dogs at a workplace. Below are reasons why you should work with dogs.

  • They reduce stress levels
  • They boost morale
  • Promotes productivity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Encourages employee retention rate

They reduce stress levels

Working with dogs has a way it reduces the stress level at workplaces simply because, there are certain tasks that can be given to dogs instead of humans and this eases everyone the stress of carrying out such responsibilities.

Species of Dogs used at workplaces where humans also work are usually a very intelligent specie that are so useful as regards certain job niches. A very good example are those dogs used at the immigration service units of western countries that help sniff passengers’ bags and items, helping to check for illegal drugs or substances that are not allowed in those countries.

They boost morale

Because dogs are naturally friendly to humans to the extent of being able to work with them hand-in-hand, they boost morale among the entire team at all times. Dogs in this context of discussion are the human-like thinking types.

Their hypersonic ways of delivering on tasks given to them encourages others to work even much more better.

Promotes productivity

Productivity is highly encouraged when working with dogs because they are resilient and hardly gives up on any assignment given to them by their master. This character is highly contagious and has a way of encouraging employees to sit up tight consistently to their duties and responsibilities.

Improved communication skills

Communication is every thing when it comes to building a great workplace. Having dogs as part of a workforce uniquely improves communication skills and patterns within the workspace.

Since there are special ways of communicating with dogs, employees sense of communication is always at alert to be able to communicate effectively with the dogs and this in turn plays a huge role in transforming the communication skills used at the workplace.

Healthier lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle is spontaneously encouraged when you have a job with dogs and daily work out certain assignments with them. Healthy lifestyle is instinctively imbibed by employees in such a setting or arrangement.

Encourages employee retention rate

Dogs build relationship bonds with humans naturally and fast. This makes humans turn different species of dogs to different personalities in their household or at workspaces.

The relationship bonds created by dogs towards humans have a way of making employees feel like not going anywhere apart from the workplace. Jobs with dogs reduces resignation and increases employee retention rates.

Top 20 Jobs with Dogs

Here is a list of about 20 jobs with dogs. Checkout the list below.

  • Kennel assistant
  • Dog daycare attendant
  • Animal caretaker
  • Veterinary receptionist
  • Dog trainer
  • Dog handler
  • Dog breeder
  • Dog walker
  • Veterinary technician
  • Animal control officer
  • Veterinary nurse
  • Pet groomer
  • Veterinarian
  • Art Protectors
  • Milk Delivery
  • Lobster Catchers
  • Crisis Response
  • Whale Poop Detector
  • Electronics Detectives
  • Hunting

Kennel assistant

The kennel assistant is one labelled with the responsibility of setting up comfy kennels for dogs. In this job, you will have to work hand in hand with lots of dogs to achieve a lot of set goals in the job.

Dog daycare attendant

People who own dogs but have to go to their 9-5 jobs usually have the need to sign up at a dog daycare and this is where an attendant is needed. The dog daycare attendant is labelled with the responsibility of attending to the dogs under his/her care within the facility till the owners come for them just like how it is at the children daycare center.

Animal caretaker

The animal caretaker is one labelled with the duty to look after the dogs for a while. While at this job, the animal caretaker will have lots of dogs to work with on a daily basis.

Veterinary receptionist

The veterinary receptionist is usually found at the veterinary clinics around town. The receptionist is a professional expected to receive all pet owners at the clinic whose pets (dog inclusive) may be having some health challenges.

Dog trainer

The dog trainer is one who trains dogs to be at their best of behaviour for different reasons. The dog trainer coaches dogs to become useful in different ways for different reasons. This job comes in handy with lots of dogs at the trainer’s disposal.

Dog handler

The dog handler is expected to handle the dog with lots of professionalism when it comes to taking care of it within a facility or area of residence.

Dog breeder

The dog breeder is the one responsible for the cross breeding of different species of dogs from all over the world. Dog breeders are the reasons why we have dogs such as the German shepherd, Pitbull, etc.

Dog walker

The dog walker is more like the fitness coach for dogs. The dog walker is labelled with the responsibility of walking dogs around the streets to help them keep fit and take some air too. This keeps dogs healthy.

Pet groomer

The Pet groomer gives the dog and other pets the best grooming fit for them per time. The pet groomer is more like a beautician for the pets.


Dogs are great partners when it comes to hunting. Hunters need the help of dogs to be able to hunt certain animals with the help of well trained dogs.

Crisis Response

When there are different forms of crisis such as building collapse, fire outbreak and more, there are quick response teams who swerve into action to save the day. Dogs are useful in this job as they have high sense of smell.