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Partner Development Manager Salary, Job Description, and More (See What You’ll Make and Why) 

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To help a firm or organization achieve its strategic objectives, a partner development manager cultivates new commercial ties and manages current ones.

Working to explore potential ways your organization and its partners might develop solutions together is one of your responsibilities as a partnership development manager, along with investigating, locating, and recruiting new business alliances.

Let’s learn what a partner development manager does, the salary, and the job description.

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What Does a Partner Development Manager Do?

Partner development managers (PDMs) establish and uphold connections with suppliers, vendors, and other business partners.

They are frequently entrusted with finding new prospective partners, determining their value to the business, drafting contracts, and making sure both parties keep their promises.

The range of a PDM’s responsibilities is rather broad; they could be involved in any number of process-related activities.

By collaborating closely with outside developers, they may, for instance, assist in creating new goods or services.

Companies may also cooperate with current partners to ensure they carry out their commitments under existing agreements.

Partner Development Manager Job Duties

A partner development manager’s duties can range widely and include the following:

  • Establishing relationships with current customers to learn about their growth and development goals, then recommending potential new customers for them to pursue
  • Creating and implementing plans to improve partner acquisition, growth, and retention.
  • Assessing partners’ work to evaluate whether they are ready for senior partner promotion or firm retirement.
  • Plan social events to introduce new partners to existing partners and coordinate tasks, including reviewing business policies and onboarding new partners.
  • Present partners to discuss their aspirations for the future, their skills and shortcomings, and how they might be used to the firm’s most significant advantage.
  • Supporting the hiring of new employees by highlighting the company’s culture and potential to prospects, which includes conducting interviews, checking references, and giving hiring managers feedback.
  • Providing senior partners with mentoring and development opportunities as they prepare for leadership positions within the organization.
  • Reviewing performance reviews to ensure they adhere to corporate policy, including following up with managers for follow-up interviews to address concerns or provide guidance where appropriate.
  • Compensation packages for managing partners, including wages and bonuses

Partner Development Manager Salary

The salaries of partner development managers vary according to their level of education, years of experience, company size, and industry.

Additionally, they might receive bonus payments and commissions as additional remuneration.

  • Median Annual Salary: $85,000 ($40.87/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $162,000 ($77.88/hour)

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Partner Development Manager Job Requirements

The following credentials are generally required of a partner development manager:


Most businesses demand a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as business, marketing, or communications, from partner development managers.

Candidates with a master’s degree in business administration are preferred by several employers (MBA).

An MBA is a two-year degree that includes business law, management, marketing, and accounting classes.

Training & Experience

Many businesses demand that development managers have at least five years of relevant experience.

This experience can include working as a real estate agent, broker, or appraiser. Another option is working in a related industry, like construction or architecture.

Certifications & Licenses

Although certifications are not necessary for a PMD position, they might be helpful for applicants and partners who want to advance their education or break into the industry.

Partner Development Manager Work Environment

A partner development manager often works in an office setting. However, travel may be necessary to meet with potential or present partners.

Due to the manager’s responsibility for establishing and preserving relationships with significant partners, the position may occasionally be challenging.

Contract negotiations and monitoring partner adherence to the terms of the agreement may also fall under the manager’s purview.

How to Become a Partner Development Manager

It can be incredibly satisfying to pursue a career as a partner development manager, but it’s crucial to think about how your choices will affect you down the road.

As a partner development manager, it will be your job to find and nurture new partners who can assist your organization in expanding.

You will therefore need to be able to establish contact with people from many businesses and possess good interpersonal skills.

Additionally, you’ll need to be able to evaluate potential partners based on their education and work history.

It is crucial to find partners that are a good fit for your business and will help it succeed.

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The most excellent strategy for job advancement in this field is to build a solid network of connections with possible employers.

Additionally, it’s necessary to recognize and evaluate the requirements of potential partners.

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