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Top 10 Jobs that do not require social security in 2023

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  Social Security numbers are used to report earnings to the United States government, and they are required in many important employment-related forms, such as tax documents.  If you are new to the United States, you can work without a Social Security number temporarily. 

However, you must apply for a number from the Social Security Administration, or SSA, immediately and present it to your employer upon receipt and within 90 days of starting your business.

  You may be wondering if you can get a job without a Social Security number or not;  One of the requirements to work in the United States. 

Perhaps the most valuable number for any resident of the United States, these nine numbers dictate whether or not you can legally work in that country.

  What to do if you do not have a Social Security number?  Citizens born in the United States who did not obtain a Social Security number at birth can apply for one at the Social Security Office.  Citizens can apply for a card prior to or upon entry to the United States.

  Do I need a Social Security number to get hired?

  Yes, you need a Social Security number for employment, collecting Social Security benefits, and for some other government services.  The United States gives legal workers benefits – including retirement, inheritance, and disability benefits – that are funded by the Social Security Administration. 3 Wage earners in the United States finance these benefits by paying income taxes, and they receive benefits when they retire.

  Can I work in the United States without an SSN?

  Employees must present a document or original documents showing their identity and work permit within three days of starting work, and the employer must certify receipt of the authorization.

  However, you can provide receipts stating that you have applied for documents. You must present your Social Security number and other documents to your employer within 90 days. 5 6 You have options for securing a job while you wait for your Social Security number. 

Therefore, it is important to apply for a Social Security number as soon as possible.


What Jobs do not require SSN?

  Some freelance contractor jobs may not require a Social Security number when hiring you.  But if the contracting business is in compliance with government regulations, you must order a completed Form W-9 from independent contractors before the end of the year, for tax purposes.

Some manual employers will hire illegal workers and do not require their employees to show evidence of their Social Security number.  However, companies that violate the law risk federal intervention, which could include losing work licenses and / or deporting illegal workers.

  Can you get a job without an SSN?

  Individuals who recently arrived in the United States can work without a Social Security number on a temporary basis, but they must obtain one health insurance number within 90 days of starting their jobs and show employers evidence that they do so. 

Therefore, you should apply for an SSN as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, you can provide your employer with other documents to verify your identity and authorization to work in the United States before receiving your Social Security number.  You must also show your application receipt.

  What to do if your employee does not have an SSN

  If your employee does not have a Social Security number when hiring, you must tell them that they must apply for one and they must have one within 90 days of starting their jobs. They may already have applied to get one.  In any event, you must write down information about their identity, including full name, date of birth, full address, place of birth, parents’ full names (including the mother’s maiden name), gender and the date on which they filed for a Social Security number (Once done), according to the SSA.  If their SSN has not arrived by the time you must submit a W-2, enter zeros in the SSN field and then submit the W-2c once it is received.

  Jobs that do not require social security

1.    Landscaping and groundskeeping workers

  Landscaping workers maintain property land using hand and power tools.  Their job could include: lawn mowing, mowing, pruning, planting, fertilizing, mowing, and spraying installation.

2.    Mine shearing and steer operators

  Mine shearing and routing machine operators use a number of machines to cut face or conduits of coal mines.  Their function allows to facilitate, detonate, separate and remove materials or minerals from the mines

3.    Falling

  Also known as woodcutters, fallers cut trees with axes and saws. They must know the characteristics of trees and cutting techniques in order to know the direction in which the tree will fall to avoid damage.

4.    Furniture finishers

  Finishes suitable for used or worn furniture.  They can be shaped, finished or refinished.  They can also change the color or finish of new or high-quality furniture.

5.    Roof and mining screws

  Ceiling nails are used as machines for fixing ceiling support screws in underground mines.

6.    Actors

  Actors perform theater, television, radio, film, or other entertainment roles. They can use speech, gestures, or body movements to inform the audience.  They may be expected to dance and sing to certain roles.

7.    Brickmason, blockmason, stonemason, and tile and marble setter helpers

  Assistants work with brick stones, diamond stones, cobblestones, or tile and marble swatches.  They provide materials and hold tools.  They also clean the work area and equipment.

8.    Costume attendants

  Fashion workers choose, fit and take care of the outfits used in the show.  They may also help artists make changes in costumes.


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