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10 Highest paid jobs in the world: salaries of up to 365,000 euros

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With unemployment at worrying levels, the labor market seems to be rapidly and irreversibly mutating towards a more online model, remotely and with more flexible hours.

Hence, the jobs most in-demand of the ‘Covid era‘ are not the same as before the pandemic, and even that wages contracted between 10% and 15% in globally during 2020, according to the multiple researches carried out. It is not surprising that there are those who choose to move abroad to try their luck, nor is it surprising that they seek those destinations where there are usually good job options for foreigners.

Highest paid jobs in the world: salaries of up to 365,000 euros

When it comes to looking for employment anywhere in the world, one of the most important factors considered is wages. And, in this sense, there are certain professions that guarantee large incomes globally, especially those related to health and technology, as reflected in a study carried out this year by researchers from the employment websites CareerAddict and Slice, they analyzed the Average annual salaries in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany using data from PayScale and came up with the top 10 highest paying jobs globally.

CEO or president of a company – 365,000 euros

In any case, the highest paid profession in the world is that of CEO or president of a company. While in countries like Canada or the United Kingdom their average salary is well above 200,000 euros a year, in Germany it is above 300,000 and in the US the average salary is 365,000 euros a year.

Anesthesiologist – 348,000 euros

But the highest-paid medical-scientific profession in the world is that of anesthesiologist: the person in charge of sedating a patient during surgical interventions (especially because it entails more risk). For this reason, in countries like the US, their average salary is 348,000 euros per year.

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Surgeon – 336,000 euros

In the ‘top 3’ are surgeons, a profession that in the coming years could be threatened by precision robotics, but which currently remains one of the highest-paid in the world. Especially in the US, where the average salary is 336,000 euros a year.

Orthodontist – 277,000 euros

Another health-related profession that has been among the highest-paid in the world for years is that of orthodontists. It is a specialization within the dental field that can exceed 250,000 euros per year in the US and even 277,000 euros on average in the United Kingdom.

Doctor – 200,000 euros

Along the same lines, being a doctor can be really lucrative. And, perhaps, leaving Spain is the best option, since in our country the average salary is around 60,000 and 80,000 euros per year, while in countries like the US a doctor earns an average of 200,000 euros per year.

Dentist – 191,000 euros

But if there is a classic profession that is still one of the highest-paid in the world, it is that of a dentist. And in certain countries with health insurance that does not cover most dental services, this job can be a real bargain: for example, in the US the average salary of a dentist is 191,000 euros a year.

Corporate lawyer – 165,600 euros

In some countries like the US, an important branch of any large company is legal, to avoid lawsuits and properly negotiate any dismissal or labor issue. For this reason, in the North American country, the average salary of a corporate lawyer reaches 165,600 euros; in Germany, it also pays really well; 161,400 euros.

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Chief Engineer – 161,400 euros

It is a very versatile position, ranging from civil engineering to computer engineering. His job is to plan and direct the production, operations, and safety of any type of construction, machinery or computer application. In countries like Canada, the salary of an engineer goes up to 161,400 euros.

IT systems manager – 113,000 euros

An information systems manager of a company is the one who is in charge of the security and effectiveness of the computer systems used. It is a booming position throughout the world, reaching an average salary of 113,000 euros a year in the US. Due to the accelerated digitization of thousands of businesses since the start of the pandemic, it may also grow even more next year.

Marketing manager – 97,600 euros

In tenth place, the marketing manager continues to be a highly demanded position worldwide, with really high salaries: up to 97,600 euros a year in countries like Germany or 86,600 euros in the US. In addition, the momentum of e-commerce in recent months makes it even more attractive for 2021.

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