Graduate Scholarships in Canada for International Students
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20 Graduate Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Are you planning on studying in Canada for the next couple of years and want to start your study adventure? In fact, there is a variety of graduate scholarships is available for international students in Canada.

Consequently, this article will walk you through the steps in applying for these scholarships.

However, hundreds of scholarships are available for international students studying at Canada’s top universities from 2023 to 2024.

Besides tuition fees, these scholarships also cover travel allowance, accommodation, and health insurance.

Moreover, this article also covers 20 graduate scholarships in Canada for international students.

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20 Graduate Scholarships in Canada for International Students

The 20 graduate scholarships in Canada for international students include the following:

1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is a new program launched by the Canadian government to help attract and retain world-class graduate students.

Consequently, It aims to establish Canada as a center of excellence in higher education and research.

2. University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards

The University of Waterloo’s International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards are also great ways to fund international students.

Moreover, international students who are studying at the University of Waterloo are eligible to receive the awards.

They also must be enrolled in research-based programs and have a valid Canadian study permit.

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario government’s graduate scholarship program focuses on supporting outstanding graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels.

It also provides awards to both domestic and international students.

4. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship aims to attract more outstanding international students to the province for their Ph.D. studies.

Additionally, the award is about $40,000 annually and can be renewed for three more years. Furthermore, six new awardees are chosen each year at Waterloo.

5. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba’s graduate fellowships is merit-based awards available to students from any nationality who plans on becoming full-time graduate students.

6. University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship Awards

International students can apply for the various awards offered by the University of Calgary’s Graduate Scholarship Office.

However, the key points of this program are that you can apply for these awards once you have received the university’s student number.

7. Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

The Pierre Trudeau Foundation’s doctoral scholarships are particularly significant in terms of their scope and stature.

8. UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships

Through the University of British Columbia’s graduate fellowships, international students from developing countries can pursue their doctorate at the university.

Also, these awards aim to support outstanding individuals who are working in their home countries.

9. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Canadian government provides financial assistance to international students. Especially those planning to complete their postgraduate studies in health research or natural sciences.

10. Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program

The Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s Program aims to help develop the skills of highly qualified individuals. In fact, they do this by supporting those who demonstrate high levels of achievement in their studies.

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11. NSERC Postgraduate scholarships

These government scholarships and grants are available to outstanding students who are planning on studying in the fields of engineering or natural sciences at an approved Canadian university.

12. Carleton University Awards for International Students

The scholarships are available to all graduate students who are planning on studying at the university.

13. Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students

International students from various backgrounds can also receive financial assistance through Fairleigh Dickinson University’s scholarship program.

14. Dalhousie University Scholarships

The Dalhousie University scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to international and domestic students.

Especially those planning on studying at the Halifax, Nova Scotia, university.

15. McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid

The university’s academic departments handle graduate funding.

Also, students should contact the financial aid and scholarship departments to determine if they need additional support.

16. Queen’s University International Scholarships

Queen’s University also offers scholarships to international students planning to study in Kingston, Ontario.

However, these are only available to students from India, Pakistan, and the US.

17. University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards

The University of Saskatchewan offers merit-based scholarships to international students who are planning on studying at the university.

18. Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards

Simon Fraser University offers various funding opportunities and scholarships for international and domestic students who are planning on studying there.

19. Western University International Admission Scholarships

Canadian scholarships are also available to international students who are planning on studying at Western Ontario University.

20. Research Assistantships (RA)

Usually, research assistants are hired by faculty members to help with a particular project that will be related to their studies.

However, the RAs get paid with the funds generated by the faculty member’s research grants or external contracts.

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These are the best graduate scholarships you should apply to if you plan to undertake graduate studies in Canada as an international student.

We hope you found this post helpful. Also, if you did, leave a comment in the comment section below.