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Leading Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario to go for as an Immigrant

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It is refreshing to ride a motorcycle in the city of Ontario. The city is a hub for various activities social and political. You should expect to be wowed by the beauty of the city when you ride around the city on your motorcycle.

It is important to note the different motorcycle insurance available for you before getting a motorcycle for yourself as an immigrant in the state. Motorcycle Insurance Ontario is specifically for your needs and security. Find out more about motorcycle insurance Ontario in this article.

Motorcycle Insurance for you

The Mandatory motorcycle insurance system in Canada differs from a specific province to another.

You must make inquiries to your counsel on the legal requirements needed to process motorcycle insurance and also get mandatory coverage for your motorcycle.
Below are the insurance benefits available for a motorcycle :

  • Third-Party liability: it offers additional coverage in areas of injuries or damages caused by a vehicle accident.
  • Direct Compensation: It is a type of insurance that covers damages to your motorcycle in areas where you are not at fault.
  • Uninsured automobile: This is insurance that takes care of medical expenses and damages if an uninsured rider is at fault.
  • Accident benefits: Provides coverage for you and your family if you are injured or killed in an automobile accident.
  • Collision or upset coverage: This offers coverage on damages caused by traffic with other vehicles.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It covers all damages on your motorcycle except collision coverage.
  • All perils coverage:This type of coverage is a mix of Collision or Comprehensive coverage along with increased theft protection.
  • Specified perils coverage: It is a coverage that offers security to your motorcycle in cases of theft, fire, and flood incidents.

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario?

A lot of factors are the cost of motorcycle insurance in Ontario. Factors like your age, riding record, your bike, and other eligible discounts you might possess. It is normal for motorcycle insurance to have a lesser rate compared to automobile insurance.

Still, it is a benefit for you to work hand in hand with a broker that works with numerous motorcycle insurance companies.
Below is the average cost of motorcycle insurance in Ontario by Age:

  • 20 to 24: $ 2262
  • 25 to 29: $1853
  • 30 to 34: $1316
  • 35 to 39: $1316
  • 40 and above: $1172

The above listed average rates are average premiums for all insurance policies except for Facility policies. They are not in charge of controlling location, years of a license, motorcycle type, or other incorporated discounts.

You must know that they do not apply to M1 riders, who get their insurance from Facility Association. M1 rates vary from the above-average premium rates indicated above. Usually, most bikes begin at the rate of $3,800 a year, while others are above age 20 with $7,300.

How to Reduce the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance as an Immigrant

Everyone loves to get a discount when purchasing a product it is the same as getting insurance that costs less for your motorcycle. The following is a guideline to help you reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance in Ontario:

Purchase a Less Powerful Bike

High-speed bikes are seen to be at a higher risk to be involved in an accident hence they result in higher insurance premiums. To reduce your insurance cost, you should consider purchasing a motorcycle with less speed power.

Keep a Clean Riding Record

Keeping a clean riding record helps in reducing your insurance cost. You just have to avoid making claims, ride with utmost care and you will see the benefits indicated in your annual insurance premiums.

Bundle Insurance

Making use of different types of insurance in one policy is another way to reduce your insurance cost. A large number of insurance companies tend to provide discounts to consumers who purchase numerous insurance like home, auto, and motorcycle insurance.

Take a Rider Training Program

There are lots of advanced rider training courses available in Canada. If you can pass the course exam successfully it helps in reducing the cost of your insurance but this depends only on the underwriter.

Don’t Ride With Passengers

Before going on a journey with a passenger ensure you notify your insurance broker as you would be asked to pay a little amount of money for it.

Also, if you will not take a passenger with you, ensure you check your policy insurance documents to be sure it is featured in them.


Motorcycle Insurance Ontario offers lots of juicy benefits to immigrants with motorcycles. You just have to understand the requirements to help give an enjoyable experience on your motorbike while on your stay in the beautiful city of Ontario.

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