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How does the Canada Student Visa Work?

International students continue to flock to Canada due to its reputation as a great study destination.

Over a hundred and thirty thousand students choose to study in the country’s universities.

Some of the world’s most prominent universities are located in Canada.

This makes it an attractive destination for international students. In addition, the country’s universities prioritize scientific publications and international collaborations.

Canada also has numerous opportunities for international students.

The country’s vibrant and warm population makes it an ideal choice for international students. The article explains how the Canadian student visa works.

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How Does the Canada Student Visa Work? (Step by Step Guide)

Before you start the process of studying in Canada, it’s important that you choose the right university.

This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the program that you want to pursue.

Some of the factors that you should consider include the cost of tuition, the location, and the weather.

You can also choose a university that will provide you with the best possible learning experience.

1. Find Out if You Need to Apply for a Student Visa in the First Place

Trying to apply for the student visa while you shouldn’t be doing so in the first place is probably not a good idea.

If you belong to this group, then you don’t need to apply for a student visa in Canada.

These groups include the following: an Indian national who is registered in Canada, you’re enrolled in a study program that’s less than six months old, you are a family member of a foreign representative in Canada (the foreign representative must be accredited by the DTC), et cetera.

2. Apply to Your Preferred University for Acceptance Letter

After you have made up your mind about where you want to study in Canada, the next step is to apply to the university that you’re interested in.

This step is very important as it will allow you to get an acceptance letter, which is required for the student visa process.

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3. Start the Online Student Visa Application Process

Once the acceptance letter has arrived, you will then start the next step, which involves completing the online student visa application.

You can apply for the student visa online through the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

You can also send your documents by post if you have an internet connection that’s not available in your home country.

Make sure that the acceptance letter that you received is from a recognized university in Canada.

You should also bring proof of your financial capability and a clean criminal record.

You must also bring your health records, which will show the state of your health.

One important note about the student visa in Canada is that it is renewable if you want to continue your studies or change your university.

Also, since your student visa only expires 90 days following your completion of your program, you can apply for a work permit.

Documents Required to Apply for Canadian Student Visa

They include the following:

  • Student visa application form (properly filled)
  • Original letter of acceptance from a recognized university
  • Proof of financial capacity, which is about 11 thousand CAD annually. This will show that you have the necessary financial resources to support your living expenses in Canada.
  • A valid international passport.
  • Recent passport photographs (two) with your name and date of birth written boldly on the back.
  • Proof of payment for the study permit which is a 150 Canadian dollars.
  • And a letter of intent.
  • Meet the Language Requirements to Study in Canada.

    In order to study in Canada, you must also meet the country’s English or French language proficiency requirements. Canadian universities require proof of this proficiency, which can include various forms of tests such as TOEFL.
  • Biometrics

    When applying for a student visa in Canada, you will be required to have your biometrics taken.

    This process can cost around eighty-five Canadian dollars. Some countries do not require this procedure, though an interview may be arranged in some cases.

As a foreign student studying in Canada, you must regularly update your online account and meet the country’s study permit conditions.

If your program is ending soon, you should also be aware of the length of time that you can stay in the country.

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In case you want to apply for a Canadian student study visa in the future, we have put together these resources to inform you on all the requirements you might need.

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