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15 Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses

There are sites you can learn free gunsmithing courses online and we will examine the best 15 in this article.

Online learning has become a convenient and effective medium for people to learn anything and everything.

It allows them to keep up with the latest developments in their field without having to travel to a distant place.

Individuals can now acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge by taking advantage of online learning platforms.

Many of them even earned their Ph.D. degrees or master’s degrees through these platforms.

Gunsmithing is the art of creating, repairing, and modifying firearms. In fact, Gunsmithsmithing is a rare skill priced by firearms manufacturers and law enforcement agencies.

However, before deciding which online gunsmithing courses to choose one must have a passion for guns and firearms in general.

In addition to having the necessary skills and knowledge in the field, gunsmithing also involves learning about the mechanics of firearms.

There are currently few programs in online gunsmithing, as most programs require individuals with extensive knowledge of metal shop tools. 

The article covers the free15 best gunsmithing courses online. 

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15 Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses

To learn gunsmithing online for free, here are a few courses to take:

1. Introduction To Carpentry- Revised

One of the most popular free online courses for gunsmithing is Introduction to carpentry. This course introduces students to the various technical terms and materials involved in the field.

This training also helps stock makers in their trade as they use wood to produce components that are attached to the metal parts of a weapon.

2. Manufacturing Processes- Metalworking

Another popular free online course for gunsmithing is Metalworking, which introduces students to the various processes involved in the manufacturing industry.

As a student of gunsmithing, you will learn about different types of presses, forging, rolling, wire drawing, and extrusion processes. This course also explores the different operations of sheet metal and shear.

3. Fusion 360: Designing For Metal

One of the most popular free online courses for gunsmithing is Fusion 360, which provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to design and create metal parts using various computer-aided design tools.

4. Course 160 Tool Safety- Basic

A popular free gunsmithing course online is the 160 tool safety-basic, which is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about working with portable and hand-power tools. 

This course is very useful for gunsmiths as it teaches them how to use various hand tools, such as punches, chisels, and mallets.

5. Fundamentals Of Workshop Technology

Another free gunsmithing course online is the fundamentals of workshop technology, which is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge about the various processes involved in the industry. 

The goal of this course is to provide gunsmiths with an understanding of the various techniques involved in the workshop.

Through the course, participants will be able to understand the various operations of measuring and marking tools. They will also learn about the wood handling process.

6. Starting in the Firearms Industry Course

This course introduces students to the various functions of firearms. It also covers the aspects of gunsmithing, such as disassembly and assembly, government licensing regulations, and career opportunities.

7. Basic Gunsights Course

This course provides an introduction to the installation and operation of optical, handguns, and metallic sights.

It also covers the different functions of rifles and pistols.

8. Gun Stocks Course

This course teaches students how to fix and replace gun stocks. It also covers the process of wood selection.

In addition, the students learn how to check and shape the stock.

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9. Gun Polishing, Refinishing, and Engraving

This course is also beneficial for students who want to customize their guns. They will learn various polishing, finishing, and browning techniques.

10. Shooting Sports Management Course

Through this course, students will be able to gain an understanding of hunting and shooting sports management techniques.

It also helps them in accepting firearms for their trade. The course covers topics such as firearms safety, firearm designs, stock finishes, and chokes. 

11. Gun Shop Management Course

This course introduces the aspects of running a gun shop. It also covers the operation of firearms and dealing with them.

It provides the students with the necessary knowledge to work behind a counter.

12. Gunsmithing

The pistol and revolver courses are designed for those who want to learn about the various issues that affect the operation of handguns.

Topics such as lubrication, cleaning, and modifications are covered. Students will learn how to assemble and disassemble a pistol, as well as how to align the sights and tune their weapon for competition. 

13. Identifying Firearms Course

This course will teach students how to identify a gun’s caliber. It will also cover firearm safety and how to fire a gun safely.

14. Shotguns Course

This course will introduce students to the history of shotguns. It will talk about how these firearms were developed and how they can be repaired.

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15. Gun Repair Course

The Basic Gun Repair course is also beneficial for people who are interested in learning more about the supplemental trade of gunsmithing.


Guns enthusiasts can learn how to make weapons at their convenience with free online courses for gunsmithing.

These courses offer parts of the knowledge you need to learn how to dismantle, assemble, repair, and maintain firearms.

You will also learn safety rules and policies governing guns and other related weapons.

Well, this article lists 15 free online gunsmithing courses to help you start a career in something you love.