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Canada Permanent Residence (Application + Requirements)

This article will discuss some of the most common ways to get permanent residence in Canada successfully.

There are several pathways to follow in order to become legally resident in the country.

However, knowing how to navigate through the various requirements and procedures to become a citizen in Canada is very beneficial for individuals who are looking to relocate there.

Hence, this article will cover the various steps involved in achieving Canada’s permanent residence. It will also discuss the best ways to use the country’s legal pathways.

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Canada Permanent Residence Application and Requirements

These are some of the ways to achieve Canada permanent residence legally:

1. Express Entry

The express entry program is the fastest and most popular way for people who want to relocate to Canada to get permanent residence.

It allows individuals to become permanent residents in just six months. In fact, as of 2022, Canada is expected to welcome around 200,000 immigrants through its borders.

Also, the express entry program has various popular streams among immigrants.

These include the federal skilled workers, the Canadian experience class, and the skilled trades.

To be eligible to participate in the express entry program, an individual must first submit an online profile.

Particularly, this is done through Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website.

However, your online profile is very important in order to get consideration for the express entry program.

The agency uses a comprehensive ranking system to determine which streams to accept applications from.

Moreover, individuals in the top 10 percent of the express entry pool get invitations to apply for permanent residence.

Despite the fast-track method, the level of competition in the program is high. This is because many people are trying to meet the program’s requirements.

One of the good news is that if the requirements are not met, an individual can still try going through a province.

In addition, for a single person, the cost of moving to Canada through express entry is around CAD 2,300. On the other hand, for a couple, it’s around CAD 4,500. This doesn’t include the required proof of funds.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs

Another effective way to move to Canada and obtain permanent residence status is through provincial nominee programs.

In 2022, the country expects to welcome over 81,000 new immigrants through these programs.

3. The Nova Scotia Immigrant Nominee Program

Due to its well-aligned streams, Nova Scotia is becoming a popular destination for skilled immigrants. It’s also a great choice for entrepreneurs and graduates.

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4. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The province has various schemes and categories for graduates and workers, making it an ideal choice for immigrants.

Also, its provincial nominee program aligns with the express entry system.

5. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

The beautiful province of Alberta is also a popular destination for immigrants looking to relocate to Canada.

Also, the Alberta government aims to attract graduates, entrepreneurs, and workers through its provincial nominee program.

5. Family Class Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship is a popular way to bring family members to Canada and eventually gain permanent residence status.

It can be done if one’s qualifying family member is already a citizen or permanent resident of the country.

In addition to provincial nominee programs, Canada offers various immigration programs that allow citizens and permanent residents to bring their relatives to the country.

However, the country estimates over 105,000 new permanent residents this year through family sponsorship.

If one’s spouse, child, or grandchild is a permanent resident of Canada, they’re eligible to sponsor their family members to come to the country.

The cost of sponsoring a relative is typically around CAD 1,135. However, additional fees may apply if the sponsor lives in Quebec or is planning on residing there.

The processing time for a family sponsorship application depends on the sponsor.

For instance, if the sponsor lives in Quebec, the application for spousal sponsorship might take around 12 months.

How Much Money does Immigration to Canada Cost?

The cost of immigrating to Canada generally ranges from around CAD 2,300 for a single applicant to about CAD 4,500 for a couple.

This doesn’t include the settlement funds candidates must present to prove their eligibility for immigration.

Some candidates may be charged additional fees if they apply through a provincial nominee program.

However, proof of settlement funds is not necessary for those who are seeking to join the Canadian Experience Class.

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This article covered the application and requirements for Canadian permanent residence in case you are interested in migrating to Canada as a permanent resident.

We hope you found the article useful. If you did, leave a comment in the comment section below, and do not forget to share it with your family and friends on all your social media platforms.