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How to Become a NASCAR Pit Crew Member

The job of the NASCAR pit crew is for sharp and active people. You have to make quick repairs, check for issues, and get them fixed in under 10-15 seconds. Any fault can spoil the game for the day or cost the career of the car racer.

If you wish to pursue a career as a pit crew member, you need to acquire some skills, get the knowledge and necessary training and read this article to the end.

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How to Become a NASCAR Pit Crew Member

Below are the requirements you need on How to Become a NASCAR Pit Crew Member.

Get Automotive Knowledge

You can join the Pit Crew team because of your love for car races but you can’t go far if you don’t get enrolled in a college where you’ll get to study the course of the automotive repair offered by the government colleges.  You can start by learning the basics in a local automobile shop while you are still waiting for admission into a college.

Where you start from is not all that matters. All you need is to give your best shot at every opportunity you have to learn about all the parts of a car, its functions, and how to repair them. Moreover, you can get a certification from a local auto repair school that delivers a good knowledge of automobiles.

However, the higher institutions courses are designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge about every part of the car and its function. This adequate knowledge will help you to choose the role you wish to participate in the pit crew and also help others.

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Get a Pit Crew Training

To work as a professional NASCAR Pit Crew, you can get admitted for Pit Crew Training in a school that offers this course. There is a list of institutions that offer hands-on training courses to train anyone willing. 

Some of these institutions are:

Universal Technical Institute

It is an official NASCAR Technical Institute that delivers complete education for NASCAR. The complete NASCAR Technician Training Program will train individuals in everything about cars in under 15 weeks.

This includes engines fabrication, welding, and aerodynamics. You can learn all these from NASCAR technical experts in the school.

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Hedgecock Racing Academy

This Academy is one of the best options for getting employed by NASCAR as a pit crew member.  This course delivers hands-on fabrication that is designed to train you and educate you on how to build a car from scratch even if you have little or no idea.

The certification covers sheet metal fabrication, welding, bending rollbars and tubing notchers, making metal sheets and aluminum panels, and frame jigs and suspension with the space of no weeks.

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Performance Instruction and Training

It offers the basics of Pit Crew U within the space of eight weeks. The certification includes the basics of pit stop function, equipment selection and maintenance, skill development, position responsibilities, and race day preparation. This course will train you to get employed in the car race industry.

Be Active

As a member of the NASCAR Pit Crew, you need to stay focused on the task assigned to you for at least 10 hours on your feet.

A little negligence from you might cost the car race driver to lose for that day and there are penalties attached to this. You must be physically and mentally active if you want to work in such settings.

Work Hard to Get Your Way Up

The training doesn’t guarantee you quick employment in the role you desire in NASCAR Pit Crew. You can start from being a mechanic, gain more experience, work hard, and deliberately build profitable connections and networking. With time, you will get your desired role. All you need is to start from somewhere.

Due to the rivalry among the team, you have to put much effort into mastering your skills and put effort to get into the desired position. You can start by working with the smallest teams to get trained and start building connections from there.

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Having learned how to become a NASCAR Pit Crew member, you must know that good things don’t come easy. You will get to your desired position if you can keep working hard without giving up.

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