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What Does a Wind Turbine Engineer Do?

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Wind farms employ various engineers to ensure that windmills, turbines, and their components operate as intended.

A wind turbine engineer is one of them; he or she plans and coordinates the building of these installations.

Consider working as a wind turbine engineer if you want your technical profession to affect the environment positively.

In this piece, we describe the duties of wind turbine engineers and how to train to become one.

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What Does a Wind Turbine Engineer Do?

Electricity is produced by wind turbines, which exploit the wind’s energy.

They are substantial constructions that rotate vertically and generate power using aerodynamic forces.

These systems are created, developed, and maintained by wind turbine engineers.

They collaborate with other engineers and technicians to guarantee that each component is adequately designed and made.

They also assist in choosing the best location for wind turbines to gather the most wind while still being secure for neighboring homes.

Salary and Job Outlook for Wind Turbine Engineers

An engineer, such as a wind turbine engineer, typically earns $68,233 in basic pay annually.

This sum, however, may differ based on the engineer’s years of experience, region, the difficulty of the task, and employer.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind power is the renewable energy source that is expanding the fastest.

Engineers for wind turbines are in great demand.

This is due to the initiatives to employ more renewable energy sources grow, especially in areas like California, Florida, and Texas.

However, manufacturing is a national industry, so there is employment in every state—even those with little wind power.

Wind turbine engineers might take heart from the BLS’s forecast that jobs in the related field of wind turbine technicians will increase by 61 percent between 2019 and 2029.

Wind Turbine Engineer Job Duties

Engineers working on wind turbines are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Current wind turbines to find methods to enhance their performance or design.
  • Calculate and simulate potential designs to see if they meet performance standards.
  • Studying cutting-edge wind energy technologies, such as turbines with blades constructed of novel materials like carbon fiber,
  • Gathering information on wind direction, speed, turbulence, and other elements may impact a turbine’s performance.
  • Putting in new turbines or fixing old ones as necessary.
  • Carrying out feasibility studies to ascertain whether there is a chance of utilizing wind energy in a specific location
  • Conducting environmental impact analyses to determine whether proposed developments will harm the ecology of the area
  • We are designing new wind farms or retrofitting existing ones in collaboration with engineers and contractors.
  • Periodic reports on plans, developments during construction, or findings.

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Work Environment for Wind Turbine Engineers

Work environments for wind turbine engineers include offices, testing facilities, wind farm construction sites, and manufacturing facilities.

Depending on their area of expertise, they spend the most time there. For instance, a materials engineer would spend most of their time in the lab, whereas a mechanical engineer might work at manufacturing facilities.

Wind turbine engineers frequently commute between their offices and work sites depending on where turbine manufacturers and clients are located. Some even travel across the country or abroad.

Work Experience

To work in the industry, you must have work experience. You might learn this in school, in a company, or from a relative who is a wind turbine engineer by working weekends and vacations.

Any prospective employer will be happy to see employment experience on your resume.

Skills for Wind Turbine Engineers

Designing, testing, and operating wind turbine systems and their components.

Some of these components are gearboxes, generators, cabling, blades, pitch and yaw systems, and controllers that require a particular set of abilities from wind turbine engineers.

Typical engineering capabilities for wind turbines include:


These engineers employ computers and programs to generate designs, simulate processes, and test components.

To handle projects, they also employ office and budgeting software.


Analyzing components and developing ways to make procedures more effective, efficient, and cost-effective are significant duties of a wind turbine engineer.

Project Management

These engineers manage numerous teams and operations at once.

They ensure that teams finish tasks on schedule, within budget, and with no glitches.


Wind turbine engineers employ arithmetic in their studies, designs, problem-solving, and testing.

They ought to be able to complete the necessary math fast and correctly.

How to Become a Turbine Engineer

A job as a wind turbine engineer can be a fantastic opportunity to change the world.

As a wind turbine engineer, you will have the chance to create renewable energy systems.

These systems lessen our reliance on fossil fuels and aid in the fight against climate change.

A degree in engineering or physics focusing on mechanical or electrical engineering is required to work as a wind turbine engineer.

You must have previous expertise in leading large teams and projects.

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You could work on renewable energy planning or policy development as a wind turbine engineer.

You might also operate as a consultant on your own.

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