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What Does a Strategic Partnerships Manager Do? (Salary, Job Description, and more)

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A capable strategic partnership manager (SPM) will care for a brand’s partnerships and guarantee success.

However, a top-notch partnership manager will take on much more.

We shall examine what a strategic partnerships manager does in this article. (Salary, job description, and more)

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What Does a Strategic Partnerships Manager Do?

Any company’s growth strategy should include strategic partnerships.

They give businesses the chance to take advantage of the expertise and resources of other companies, which can help them access new markets or introduce brand-new goods and services.

For the benefit of their company, strategic partnerships managers are in charge of managing these connections.

This could entail finding possible partners, negotiating the partnership’s terms, keeping an eye on performance, and ensuring that both parties abide by the contract’s provisions.

Strategic Partnerships Manager Job Duties

The duties of an SPM can range widely and may include:

  • Collaborating with outside partners to create new market opportunities for goods or services in already-existing markets.
  • Identifying potential partners based on business needs, goals, and existing alliances
  • Negotiating the terms of partnership contracts to ensure that each party is fulfilling their obligations and reaping the rewards of the partnership.
  • Manage current strategic partnerships by creating new collaborations, keeping track of performance, and resolving issues.
  • Creating marketing plans and strategies to inform customers and other stakeholders about the partnership.
  • Establishing new business connections with potential partners to come to agreements that are beneficial to both parties.
  • Creating long-term partnerships with other businesses will increase sales opportunities and customer retention.
  • Finding new partnership opportunities through market research and data analysis
  • Managing the legal facets of partnerships through the creation of contracts, agreement-making, and dispute resolution

Strategic Partnerships Manager Salary

The average income for strategic partnerships managers in the US ranges from $67,916 to $121,247.

This is based on experience, location, skills, and other characteristics, and the average salary is $88,617.

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Strategic Partnerships Manager Job Requirements

The following credentials are generally necessary for a strategic relationship manager:

Training & Experience

In most cases, a period of shadowing another SPM serves as on-the-job training for strategic partnerships managers.

The new employee can learn the company’s processes and procedures throughout this training session.

Additionally, it enables the new hire to get to know the clientele and partners of the business.

Certifications & Licenses

Although credentials are not necessary for the position of strategic partnerships manager, they can be helpful for applicants hoping to boost their income.


A bachelor’s degree is typically needed to work as a strategic relationships manager.

Certain managers of strategic alliances may also hold a master’s degree in business administration or a closely related discipline.

Strategic Partnerships Manager Work Environment

An SPM often works in an office, though discussions with new or present partners may necessitate travel.

To meet deadlines, the manager might have to put in long hours and be available at odd times to work around partners’ schedules in different time zones.

How to Become a Strategic Partnerships Manager

A career as an SPM can be a fantastic way to put your business savvy to use for the common good.

As a manager of strategic partnerships, you’ll collaborate with nonprofits and other organizations to create alliances that advance the objectives of both parties.

You must possess strong business skills and teamwork experience to succeed as a strategic partnership manager.

Additionally, you should be able to use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to issues that affect everyone.

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The most excellent method to grow your career as a Strategic Partnerships Manager is continually searching for new opportunities.

Please establish yourself as the go-to person for new business, whether a new client or a new project.

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