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ServiceNow Developer Resume Example & Writing Guide 

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As a ServiceNow developer, you will be responsible for developing the elements of an enterprise software system that provides services to clients or customers.

A job as a software developer may be right for you if you’re an engineer who enjoys devising innovative solutions to challenging issues.

To give users a seamless experience, you must thoroughly understand how various systems work together and interact.

There are many different kinds of ServiceNow developers, as you can expect.

While some concentrate on developing systems’ backends, others are more concerned with developing their frontends.

While some only use Java or.NET, others create web applications with Ruby or Python.

Additionally, there are prospects for people who want to focus on data science or mobile development.

Your CV should highlight your abilities, experiences, and successes regardless of what kind of ServiceNow developer you are or where you want to work so that employers can determine how well you’d fit into their corporate culture.

Here are some pointers you can use while composing your own.

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How to Write a ServiceNow Developer Resume

Here’s a guide to how to create your CV.

Write Compelling Bullet Points About ServiceNow Developers

Include specific examples of your work, as this is the best way to demonstrate your technical proficiency.

You may mention that you “created new features for customer service software, including a new customer portal that lowered customer care response time by 20%,” instead of simply saying that you “produced new features for customer service software.”

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When applying for jobs through recruiters, keywords are highly crucial. Most recruiters handle the applicant pool for a specific position using an applicant tracking system (ATS).

The ATS will search your resume for exact keywords associated with the place to assess if you’re a suitable fit.

The ATS may automatically reject your application if your resume doesn’t contain enough relevant keywords.

Examine the job description and try to use some of the same terms in your resume to improve your chances of being discovered.

However, avoid going crazy and putting keywords where they don’t belong.

Please make sure all of the pertinent terms are used correctly and appropriately on your resume because it’s likely that the recruiter will continue to read it.

  • ServiceNow
  • Jira
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration
  • ServiceNow
  • SOA
  • ITIL
  • Business Analysis
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Oracle Database
  • PL/SQL
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Data Migration

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Showcase Your ServiceNow Developer Technical Skills

You will construct and modify applications using the ServiceNow platform as a ServiceNow developer.

Therefore, prominently highlight your ServiceNow development experience on your resume.

You should list any additional pertinent technical skills in addition to ServiceNow, such as knowledge of JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, and AJAX.

Remember the Basics

There are some fundamental guidelines that you should follow as you write your resume.

Create Easy-to-Scan Sections

You can make a few modifications to your resume to improve its readability and visual appeal.

To create a neat and uniform layout, try to left-align all of your text in the beginning. Additionally, stick to a typical font style and size for the entire document.

Additionally, list your experiences in bullet points rather than paragraphs, and limit each bullet point to no more than two lines.

Lastly, leave some blank space on the page to make it easier for the recruiter to scan your information.

Be Concise

Although there is no standard length for a resume, it is typically advised to keep it to one or two pages.

Doing this can emphasize your most valuable qualifications without wasting an employer’s time.

When editing your resume, cut out unnecessary details, filler words, and irrelevant information.

Proofread Your ServiceNow developer Resume

Making sure your resume is error-free and professionally presented requires proofreading.

Spellcheck can catch many common spelling mistakes, but it’s crucial to have someone else proofread your resume to see grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Additionally, watch out for words like “there,” “there,” and “they’re,” which are commonly misunderstood.

Consider Including a Summary

A summary statement can be helpful when writing a resume because it gives context to your experience and makes it simpler for potential employers to see how your skills might fit into their business.

The skills and experiences you feel most apply to the position you are applying for should be highlighted in a summary statement that is no longer than a few sentences.

Additionally, being transparent with your goals and intentions when conducting a job search is critical.

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Use the tips in this example and how-to to construct a strong CV that will set you apart from the competition and further your career as a ServiceNow Developer.

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