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What Does a Walmart Cashier Do? (Salary, Job Description and More)

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The ability to switch between some activities is necessary for working as a cashier at Walmart.

This profession is continuously changing, from specific duties like returning defective goods to challenging ones like handling consumer complaints.

This guide to Walmart cashier job descriptions will present more information.

In our post, we’ll discuss the primary duties of this position, along with other crucial aspects like the pay and perks associated with it.

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What Does a Walmart Cashier Do?

To communicate with consumers and assist them in locating the goods they need, Walmart cashiers are in charge of doing so.

They must also be proficient in handling money, scanning merchandise accurately, and performing other activities to keep the Walmart checkout line moving quickly.

They represent the company in many ways, so Walmart cashiers must always be welcoming and helpful.

Also, they might be asked to complete extra tasks like stocking shelves or cleaning messes.

Walmart Cashier Job Duties

Walmart cashiers may be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Maintain precise records of all transactions made with cash registers or other point-of-sale devices.
  • Obtaining payment from clients for goods bought with cash, checks, or credit cards.
  • Employing a computer system to scan barcodes of items and keep track of stock and prices.
  • Preserve the cleanliness of the workspace by clearing away trash and placing supplies in suitable places.
  • Returning products and delivering them to the relevant department for repair or exchange.
  • Interacting with customers to share product and service information.
  • Processing payments through electronic payment systems, such as Direct Deposit or Electronic Money Transfer, or electronic funds transfer (EFT), such as Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express Cards (EFT),
  • Refunds for returned goods are processed by either processing credits on the customer’s credit card or sending the customer a cheque.
  • Receiving and processing inbound merchandise shipments involves unpacking boxes and checking things for damage or flaws.

Walmart Cashier Working Hours

The working hours of Walmart cashiers can vary greatly. The weekly hours for many jobs can range from 20 to 30.

Some jobs could occasionally have full-time schedules of up to 40 hours per week with sporadic overtime demands during busy times of the year.

Regarding plans, 24-hour establishments allow cashiers to work any time of the day or night.

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Walmart Cashier Working Environment

The most important thing to remember about working as a cashier at Walmart is that you will interact with customers frequently.

Customers and employees from other store departments are both included in this.

You should feel at ease conversing with others, standing still for extended periods, and carrying out monotonous tasks.

For this job, you also need to know the basics of computers to correctly use the store’s point-of-sale system when ringing up purchases.

Walmart Cashier Salary 

Walmart cashiers’ pay can vary depending on some criteria and usually are paid hourly.

  • Median Annual Salary: $36,000 ($17.31/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $37,500 ($18.03/hour)

Walmart Cashier Job Requirements

One may need to meet the requirements listed below to work as a cashier at Walmart:


At Walmart, becoming a cashier typically requires at least a high school diploma or GED. But certain employers could favor or demand a college degree.

Training & Experience

Their new employer will train new cashiers while they are working. Throughout this training, they will learn how to operate the cash register and bag merchandise.

Additionally, they will learn how to communicate with clients and respond to typical queries.

Certifications & Licenses

Although they are generally not necessary for cashier positions, certifications might help you stand out as a candidate when you apply for opportunities.

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Overall, the focus of the Walmart cashier profession is on people. You will frequently engage with clients and coworkers in your daily activities.

The cashier is in charge of various duties and must quickly change priorities as the day progresses.

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