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What Does an Acquisition Manager Do? (Salary, Job Description and More)

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An acquisition manager is a crucial individual that oversees certain corporate transactions.

These individuals ensure a company can accomplish this with little impact on its existing performance because they frequently assist with acquisitions and mergers with other organizations.

You can get these skills while looking for a job and working if you know what skills you need to do these jobs well.

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What Does an Acquisition Manager Do? 

The task of managing the acquisition of new goods, services, or equipment falls to acquisition managers.

They work with many stakeholders to find possible targets and decide which would be best for the business’s long-term goals.

Additionally, creating plans for integrating recently acquired businesses into current operations may fall within the purview of acquisition managers.

This can include deciding how to best use the skills and abilities of new hires, figuring out how to use new technologies in existing processes, etc.

Acquisition Manager Job Duties

A typical acquisition manager’s duties might range widely and include the following:

  • Direct groups of procurement specialists in the creation and management of complex purchases
  • Keeping track of existing resources and possible suppliers for upcoming transactions
  • Negotiating rates and terms of contracts on behalf of a company with suppliers
  • Conducting market research to find prospective vendors that could fulfill a company’s demands
  • Examining supplier bids to make sure they meet requirements and are complete
  • Creating plans and budgets with internal divisions for projects involving significant capital expenditures
  • Coordinating with legal counsel to make sure contracts comply with all legal criteria
  • Arranging for the pick-up or delivery of ordered merchandise in conjunction with shipping companies
  • Interacting with suppliers to guarantee accurate and timely order processing

Acquisition Manager Salary 

The pay of acquisition managers varies according to their level of education, years of experience, firm size, and industry.

Additionally, they might be paid in the form of commissions or bonuses.

  • Median Annual Salary: $86,500 ($41.59/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $125,000 ($60.1/hour)

Acquisition Manager Job Requirements

To be hired as an acquisition manager, you must meet some requirements. They consist of:


Acquisition managers must often possess a high school diploma or GED to work.

Additionally, some jobs prefer people with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a similar profession.

Training & Experience

An acquisition manager will receive most of their training while still in school.

Interning with businesses or organizations that purchase products and services allows students to gain expertise.

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Certifications & Licenses

Professional certificates can prove a professional’s abilities to potential employers.

Acquisition managers might get certificates to help them learn more about how to do their jobs, evaluate their professional skills, and advance their careers.

Acquisition Manager Work Environment

An acquisition manager often works in an office setting, though he may need trips for site inspections, conferences, and business meetings.

Due to the need to fulfill deadlines and stick to a budget, the job may occasionally be stressful.

The majority of acquisition managers, however, find the work to be engaging and challenging.

How to Become an Acquisition Manager

A career as an acquisition manager is distinct. They might begin their careers in corporate development before transitioning into an acquisition manager position at a business that wants to expand.

Alternatively, they can start their careers in private equity and later work as an acquisition manager for a company looking to grow.

Acquisition managers need to have a thorough awareness of the market and the ability to spot growth possibilities regardless of where they begin their careers.

Also, they must be able to handle difficult conversations and understand how agreements affect the law.

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It’s crucial to keep up with industry trends and advancements to advance in this job.

Acquisition managers who are up to date on trends and technology will be more likely to succeed.

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