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What Does a NOC Manager Do? (Salary, Job Description, and More)

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Network operations centers (NOCs) are centralized locations from which enterprise information technology (IT) administrators—internal or external—supervise, track, and maintain a communications network.

In this article, we will learn what NOC Managers do, their salary, job description, and skills.

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What Does a NOC Manager Do?

Monitoring a network operations center’s functioning falls to NOC managers (NOC).

They ensure that all systems are operating effectively and deal with any faults or problems.

Banks, hospitals, airlines, and government institutions are just a few organizations that depend on NOCs.

NOC managers are crucial in ensuring that these companies can always function efficiently.

NOC Manager Job Duties

A typical NOC manager’s duties might range widely and include the following:

  • Create and implement guidelines, processes, and practices to ensure smooth departmental operations.
  • Research is conducted to find new methods or technology to enhance operations.
  • Reviewing reports and offering suggestions for performance enhancement based on statistical evidence
  • Collaborating with other divisions, including those in charge of human resources, accounting, sales, research and development, marketing, and law, to ensure that everything in the organization runs smoothly.
  • Serving as a go-between for the business and external suppliers like contractors or consultants.
  • Organize meetings with team members to discuss tasks or other department-related issues.
  • Ensure that staff is performing up to expectations and meet with them one-on-one if performance is lacking.
  • Organizing staff meetings to keep employees up to date on company news; supervising staff training on new technologies or policies; and providing advice and performance evaluations to employees
  • Managing tasks associated with department operations and supervising personnel engaged in these tasks.

NOC Manager Salary

The pay for NOC managers varies according to their level of education, years of experience, firm size, and industry.

Bonuses are another possible kind of compensation for them.

  • Median Annual Salary: $105,000 ($50.48/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $225,000 ($108.17/hour)

NOC Manager Job Requirements

A NOC manager needs to meet several requirements. They consist of:


A bachelor’s degree is frequently needed to work as a NOC manager.

For this position, the most popular majors are management, software engineering, information technology, and computer science.

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Training & Experience

In the first few months of their employment, most NOC managers undergo on-the-job training.

The NOC manager gains knowledge of the company’s practices and procedures thanks to this training.

Additionally, it enables the NOC manager to become acquainted with the network and computer systems of the business.

Certifications & Licenses

Many organizations prefer individuals with credentials proving their skills and knowledge, albeit it’s not always necessary.

NOC Manager Work Environment

NOC managers are employed in various places, including corporate offices, governmental institutions, and telecommunications firms.

During ordinary business hours, they typically work full-time, but if there are network emergencies, they might also have to work late into the night or on the weekend.

Managers of NOCs may also go to other sites to supervise the installation or maintenance of network hardware.

NOC Manager Skills

To succeed, NOC managers need the following abilities:


A manager of a NOC may be tasked with overseeing and directing a group of technicians, so having leadership abilities can be an essential quality.

A manager with strong leadership qualities can inspire their team, motivate them to work hard, and support their professional growth.


Giving others information is the act of communication. You can be in charge of communicating with staff members, clients, and other stakeholders as a NOC manager.

By using effective communication, you can foster collaboration, form relationships, and establish trust.

You can apply communication skills in written formats like emails, letters, and reports.


You can recognize problems, create solutions, and put those answers into action with the help of problem-solving abilities.

It’s crucial to locate the issue’s origin and devise a solution because, as a NOC manager, you can be in charge of resolving network problems.

How to Become a NOC Manager

A NOC manager’s career can be very fulfilling. It provides the chance to collaborate with a team of experts in a hectic setting and truly improve your clients’ lives.

You must possess a solid technical background and excellent communication skills to succeed as a NOC manager.

Additionally, you’ll need to be able to manage several projects at once and come up with original solutions to issues.

It’s crucial to begin accumulating experience in the area to become a NOC manager. When you’re working as a technician, take on extra tasks and offer to help out whenever you can.

Additionally, they benefit from chances to go to workshops and training sessions and network with other industry experts.

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A director position is a position after a NOC manager. A NOC director is in charge of the overall operation and personnel of the NOC.

They create and practice the NOC’s policies, procedures, and processes.

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