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What Does an Assistant Media Buyer Do? (Salary, Job Description, and more)

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Think about working as an assistant media buyer if marketing interests you.

These specialists work with businesses to coordinate marketing initiatives across social media and television platforms to maximize their advertising campaigns.

Knowing more about a media buyer’s duties might help you determine whether your abilities are a good fit for this line of work.

This article outlines a media buyer’s duties and discusses the typical pay, working conditions, and educational qualifications.

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What Does an Assistant Media Buyer Do?

A media buyer’s assistant assists with the administrative aspects of marketing, advertising, and promotional activities.

Working closely with a senior media buyer, an assistant media buyer may conduct preliminary research to identify the best media platform, speak with advertising agencies, bargain with suppliers, and create customer paperwork.

The minimum requirements for the position are a high school diploma or a GED.

A bachelor’s degree in communications or a related discipline, along with prior work experience in sales or marketing, is preferred by some organizations.

You also require technical know-how, such as competency with standard email and Microsoft Office products.

Assistant Media Buyer Job Duties

Typically, assistant media buyers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Creating and carrying out a PR strategy based on client requirements and market trends
  • Clients’ price reductions are negotiated with media publishers.
  • Examining target markets’ demographics to identify the best media outlets for campaigns
  • Monitoring campaign performance and modifying as necessary to improve outcomes
  • Managing spending plans for each campaign or client, collaborating with the finance team to ensure that money is used wisely and effectively.
  • Managing interactions with marketing firms and other participants in the planning or purchasing process
  • The analysis of campaign performance data to spot trends and suggest enhancements
  • Establishing and upholding connections with media organizations, advertising agencies, and other stakeholders engaged in the purchasing process
  • Establishing and keeping spreadsheets with all advertising contacts’ contact details

Assistant Media Buyer Salary

The pay for assistant media buys varies according to their level of education, years of experience, company size, and industry.

Additionally, they might receive bonus payments and commissions as additional remuneration.

  • Median Annual Salary: $56,500 ($27.16/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $122,000 ($58.65/hour)

Assistant Media Buyer Work Environment

Typically, assistant media buyers are employed by advertising firms or large organizations’ media divisions.

They collaborate closely with media buyers and strategists to choose the best media venues for advertising campaigns.

Most of the time, assistant media buyers are in the office regularly, although they occasionally have to stay late to meet deadlines.

Although there are moments when the work might be difficult, most assistant media buys find it exciting.

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Assistant Media Buyer Job Requirements

Typically, assistant media buyers need the following credentials:

1. Education

A high school diploma or GED is often required for assistant media buys.

Assistant media buyers with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or a similar subject are preferred by some organizations.

Coursework in media, advertising, marketing, and statistics is relevant.

2. Training & Experience

Most of the time, assistant media buyers undergo on-the-job training in their new workplace.

The software and practices unique to the company may be covered in this training. Understanding the duties and operations of the position might also entail working as a media buyer’s assistant.

3. Certifications & Licenses

No credentials are necessary for assistant media buyers to hold their position.

There are qualifications available for media buyers who want to boost their earning potential or become more competitive while searching for jobs.

How to Become an Assistant Media Buyer

A job as an assistant media buyer might be a fantastic way to break into advertising.

Working as an associate media buyer will allow you to interact with various people and learn about many facets of the industry.

Additionally, working with different media will give you knowledge that will broaden your understanding of the advertising industry.

You might want to think about concentrating on a specific area of advertising as your career develops.

This could involve account management, creative services, or digital marketing.

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Assistant media buyers have good opportunities for career advancement.

After some time, they would advance to the role of a media buyer, where they would plan and buy advertisements for a firm or customer.

They may also attain a media supervisor or manager job, where they are in charge of a group of media buys.

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