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10 Common Remote Nursing Jobs from Home

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10 Common Remote Nursing Jobs from Home: Remote nursing jobs may have been an almost impossible dream in the past.

But the progression of technology and the quickly growing acceptance of virtual work in many industries coupled with the global pandemic highlighting the vital importance of remote healthcare positions

What is remote nursing?

Remote nursing is the process of caring for patients and solving health complaints through telephone by a registered nurse.

What do remote nurses do?

Remote nurses offer their services by providing telephone support, advice, and follow-up services to patients, and they can also work in case management and recruiting. Remote nurses make life easier for the elderly and immunocompromised patients, as well as patients living in rural areas that are far from healthcare facilities to access medical care.

What is the average salary of a remote nurse?

Remote nurses earn similarly to nurses who work in a traditional healthcare facility, the average annual salary of a remote nurse is $73,374, on average a $35 per hour.

What is the educational qualifications needed to land a remote nursing job
A remote nursing job requires the-same qualifications as a traditional nursing job, you’re required to be a registered nurse or have a bachelors degree in nursing or healthcare.

10 Remote Nursing Jobs from Home

  • RN Case Manager
  • Senior Clinical Strategist
  • Appeals Nurse Consultant
  • Clinical Quality Program Administrator
  • Telephonic LTSS Service Coordinator
  • Nurse Health Management Care
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Bill Review Nurse Specialist
  • Triage Nurse
  • Utilization Management Nurse

RN Case Managers

RN case managers are registered nurses that are tasked with the assessment and implementation of health care plans for individual patients. They are tasked with providing efficient and effective medical care while keeping the costs of treatment to a minimum.

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Senior Clinical Strategist

Clinical strategists are in charge of developing and driving successful clinical engagements in assigned implementation, sales, and marketing activities. A senior strategist is expected to study and know their clients well while simultaneously generating plans to ensure the success of their brands and products. Working as part of a health facility, the senior strategist plays a vital role in the strategy department and leads his team by developing and presenting strategic marketing recommendations.

Appeals Nurse Consultant

Appeals nurse consultant are tasked with analyzing the denial of the following when consulted:

  • Insurance claims
  • Coverage for medical treatments or procedures at a healthcare facility.

As an appeal nurse consultant, you review the medical code data and also records to determine if the denial was valid or not, thereby determining whether to move forward with an appeal is necessary.

Clinical Quality Program Administrator

A clinical quality program administrator is a healthcare quality improvement consultant who works to improve the overall quality of medical care that a hospital or other medical facility delivers to it’s patients. You are tasked with gathering documentation to report on ways to improve the health facility for which you are working.

Telephonic LTSS Service Coordinator

The LTSS Service Coordinator is a Professionals who work in the healthcare management plan, it’s responsible for directing and coordinating health and medical services in a wide variety of healthcare environments also tasked with the overall management of member’s individual service plan within the scope of its position with the goal of optimizing member health care across the care continuum.

Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who uses it’s expertise as a health care provider and it’s specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases. While the attorney is an expert on legal issues, the legal nurse consultant is the expert on nursing and the health care industry.

Triage Nurse

A Triage Nurse is a registered nurse positioned for emergency purposes, they’re responsible for assessing patients and determining their level of need for medical assistance. The criteria utilized to evaluate a patient include the nature of injury or illness, its severity, symptoms, patient explanation of emergency, and sometimes vital signs.

A Triage Nurse is typically the first point of clinical contact for patients visiting an ER. Telephone triage nurses are registered nurses who administer care via telephone services. Typically, this means speaking to patients over the phone, assisting them with medical advice, evaluating and assessing their symptoms, and consulting with physicians as required.

Utilization Management Nurse

UM nurses are specialists and subspecialists in all areas of health care which includes behavioral health, medical or physical care, and sometimes even dental services. The primary role of Utilization Management nurses is to protect patients from ineffective, unsafe, and unnecessary services, that are costly to both the patient and the insurer.

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