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What Does a Fitness Manager Do? (Salary, Job Description, and More)

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Everyone wants to look well and have a good physique, so they engage in training to assist them in reaching their fitness objectives.

The duties of a fitness manager play a significant part in helping clients satisfy their needs.

He is in charge of the gyms or the health and fitness center’s entire management. He is also ordered to put in place plans for using marketing and advertising to bring in more money for the company.

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What Does a Fitness Manager Do?

Fitness managers are in charge of running a gym or fitness center daily. They are in order of everything in the building, from hiring and firing people to keeping the equipment in good shape and programming it.

Fitness managers could take part in marketing initiatives to draw new gym patrons.

To spread the word about their company, they may organize events and seminars, establish advertising campaigns, or provide content for social media.

Fitness Manager Job Duties

A fitness manager’s duties can range widely and include the following:

  • Ensuring the security of all clients by providing that all teachers and staff members have the necessary training
  • Preparing staff to train clients safely and effectively on all sorts of equipment
  • Scheduling and arranging instructors, facilities, and sessions to optimize attendance and make the best use of staff time
  • Maintaining a spotless, secure atmosphere by cleaning and maintaining equipment, planning repairs, and informing personnel of necessary fixes.
  • Continuing to provide customer service to members by answering questions about memberships or other account-related issues
  • Making arrangements for new member orientation, which includes paperwork, facility tours, and introductions to the club’s customs and practices
  • Assessing the members’ progress by giving advice on exercises and techniques, modifying schedules as necessary, and providing support when necessary
  • Making sure that members receive correct information about fees, rules, and practices

Fitness Manager Salary

In the USA, the average fitness manager makes $47,500 a year, or $24.36 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $65,000 annually, while entry-level roles start at $37,500.

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Possible Work Settings for Fitness Managers

Most fitness managers are employed by independent gyms, fitness centers, or athletic clubs.

These could belong to a chain or be owned separately. A fitness manager often chooses their place of employment.

The fitness manager role does not always follow the typical nine-to-five workday work schedule is an essential aspect of the position.

Depending on the situation, fitness supervisors may be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Occasionally, they might be asked to help with an emergency outside regular office hours.

Fitness Manager Job Requirements

Typically, fitness managers must possess the following credentials:


The majority of fitness managers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Some employers prefer fitness managers with a master’s degree in exercise science or a similar discipline.

Training & Experience

Most fitness managers pick up the technical information and abilities necessary for their position on the job.

Training for this job often includes a few weeks to a month following an experienced fitness manager.

Certifications & Licenses

First aid, CPR, and AED certifications are frequently sought after by employers.

Usually, local community colleges, hospitals, and recreation centers offer these credentials.

Work Hours

An average week for a fitness manager is forty to forty-five hours. If he needs to do any administrative work, other necessary tasks, or marketing activities, he might need to stay at work longer.

How to Become a Fitness Manager

Being a fitness manager can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. Before beginning this journey, it’s crucial to think about what you want from your profession.

Are you interested in working with athletes or at a gym? Do you wish to lead a team or concentrate on working with specific clients?

It’s critical to be thoroughly aware of the fitness business and its trends regardless of your path.

Additionally, you should be able to speak clearly with people from all backgrounds.

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The fitness manager may be in charge of making fitness programs and making sure that the facility meets all safety and health standards.

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