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How to Become a Lineman Apprentice

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Linemen and other electric utility employees are crucial in maintaining the electrical infrastructure that powers homes and businesses.

The installation, upkeep, and maintenance of electrical power systems, as well as the ancillary equipment, such as powerlines, streetlights, transformers, and other items, are under the purview of these professions—their efforts aid in preventing protracted power outages, which can be uncomfortable and even deadly.

Since they are required to keep our electrical system running, skilled linemen are in high demand.

Many linemen who work for electrical utility companies are also union members.

However, those considering a career as a lineman must also know that there is a greater chance of being hurt or killed while performing this work.

Due to this, linemen must complete a rigorous training program and an apprenticeship before becoming journeyman linemen.

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What Is a Lineman Apprentice?

A skilled worker training to become a journeyman is called a lineman apprentice.

With the aid of cables, aerial booms, lifts, and cabling machines, they assist the business in building, maintaining, and restoring overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution lines.

They are typically trained on the job to get ready for the position. Lineman apprentices frequently have to bend over and strain their necks and backs for extended periods as part of their work obligations.

For this reason, it’s imperative to be physically fit and strong. Additionally, apprentices must be prepared to work any place in the service area while receiving training in various professions.

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What Does a Lineman Apprentice Do?

An apprentice lineman is in charge of helping linemen establish and maintain electrical power systems.

Frequently, you will answer to a technician or a journeyman lineman. You will generally assist linemen with equipment, take measurements, and make repairs and maintenance to electrical connections, among other activities.

You will learn secure climbing methods and how to handle high-voltage electrical equipment in this position securely. A lineman apprentice often receives both classroom and practical training.

Responsibilities of Journeyman Linemen

The following are the critical roles of journeyman linemen:

  • Installation and maintenance of various electrical power systems’ various equipment
  • Large-scale project management includes planning and overseeing
  • Safety management includes monitoring compliance with OSHA and customer safety requirements.
  • Management, including guiding apprentices and groundworkers

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Skills Required for Linemen

Those who want to become linemen must be physically fit and strong enough to climb poles easily. They must also be able to handle heavy equipment and high-voltage systems easily.

The following are crucial abilities a lineman has to possess:

  • The capacity to maintain and repair the equipment
  • Mathematical abilities, including algebra, geometry, and industrial math
  • Understanding of fundamental public safety and security procedures
  • Constructing and building
  • Understanding of tree trimming
  • The capacity to operate at high altitudes and climb poles

How to Become a Lineman Apprentice

You must be 18 years old, possess a high school diploma or GED, and apply to your local Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee to become a lineman apprentice (JATC).

A grade of C or above in algebra and a commercial driver’s license are prerequisites for some JATCs.

After applying to an apprenticeship program, you will undergo an interview and a safety orientation before being matched with a power company lineman and beginning your classroom and on-the-job training.

How to Become a Lineman Apprentice in 7 Steps

  1. Study up on lineman apprentice training
  2. Ensure you possess the necessary abilities for an apprentice lineman.
  3. Complete the required coursework or internship
  4. Obtain certificates for apprentice linemen
  5. Duties of an apprentice lineman
  6. Create a resume.
  7. Try to get a job as an apprentice lineman.

Lineman Apprentice Salary

In the United States, lineman apprentices make an average salary of $48,171 per year or $23.16 per hour.

To be precise, the worst 10% of lineman apprentices make $34,000 annually, while the best 10% complete, on average, $68,000.

How Long Is a Lineman Apprenticeship?

A lineman’s apprenticeship typically lasts 7,000 hours or four years of full-time training and education.

To gain the ability to operate with electricity, circuits, power lines, and other electronic equipment, lineman apprentices need that time.

Linemen use the knowledge and skills they acquire during their apprenticeships throughout their careers, working for the power company or contractors.

You get the credentials you need to work as a journeyman lineman anywhere in the US when you finish your apprenticeship.

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If you’re considering becoming a lineman, you should weigh the job’s inherent risks and the required skills.

Once you decide to move forward, you can choose a training program and a college or industry training center to help you learn what you need to know to start an apprenticeship.

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