30 Weird Things That Sold on eBay for Lots of Money
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30 Weird Things That Sold on eBay for Lots of Money

Curious about the weird things that sold for lots of money on eBay? well, we have curated 30 of those items for your reading pleasure.

eBay offers one of the most diverse marketplaces imaginable. While it’s known for bargains on mainstream products, eBay also attracts buyers and sellers of truly bizarre, rare, and obscure items.

Surprisingly, some extremely weird items have fetched huge sales on the site.

The unique auction format enables people to bid up certain strange products to jaw-dropping end prices.

30 Weird Things That Sold on eBay for Lots of Money

Here are 30 weird things that sold for lots of money on eBay, according to research by MyMoneyChronicles.com:

1. 1980s Boombox – $450

Vintage electronics like boomboxes, turntables, and amplifiers attract collectors on eBay. One buyer paid $450 for an 80s era boombox in working condition.

The nostalgia factor of old-school music tech drives up values.

2. Texas Instrument Calculators – $40

Even basic Texas Instrument scientific calculators from the 70s and 80s get bid up over $30-$40, likely by engineers or math teachers feeling nostalgic.

Their durability and status as icons yield surprising eBay value.

3. Folding Chair from Chicago Stadium – $150

When the famed Chicago Stadium was closed and demolished, the city auctioned memorabilia like seats.

One purple folding chair from the stadium, complete with~\Badgers~ markings, sold for $150 thanks to sports history significance.

4. Potato Chips – $15

As a PR move, Procter & Gamble sold a half-eaten bag of potato chips said to resemble Abraham Lincoln’s profile.

The eccentric snack sold for $15, benefitting charity. Brands can creatively leverage eBay’s open marketplace for causes.

5. Clermont Hotel Sign – $6,700

The iconic rooftop sign from Atlanta’s infamous Clermont Lounge sold to a local purchaser wanting to preserve the landmark.

Historic building emblems attract passionate city pride bidding them up.

6. Crown Royal Bags – $50

Even used liquor bags develop surprising value on eBay. A set of 6 standard purple Crown Royal bags marked with the logo fetched $50.

Collectors leverage them for decoration or sewing material.

7. Dreadlocks – $200

In one of eBay’s quirkier sales, some have listed and sold their own cleaned hair dreadlocks.

One person’s locks garnered $200. Extreme collectors pay substantially for this funky memorabilia.

8. Toilet Paper Tissue Rolls – $18

An enterprising eBay user sold a bulk lot of 100 empty toilet paper tissue rolls, which attracted dozens of bids.

In the end, a buyer paid $18 for the creatively marketed item. Even mundane household goods get bid up.

9. Empty Liquor Bottle – $20

For unclear reasons, empty Jack Daniels bottles have sold for up to $20 on eBay.

While commemorative liquor bottles appeal to collectors, these were standard empties. However, eBay allows buyers to set their own value on items.

10. Expired Camera Film – $45

Photography enthusiasts on eBay are willing to buy even expired film, paying for rare rolls from brands or periods.

A large lot of various expired 35mm films sold for $45. Vintage camera users take what they can get.

11. Fart in a Jar – $200

The infamous listing for a human fart in a jar shows eBay allows nearly anything to be listed.

While possibly just a joke, someone humorously bid over $200 before eBay removed it. But it reveals eBay’s true weirdness.

12. Gold Grill – $400

Grills remain a $ symbol in hip-hop culture. So an intact top and bottom gold grill marked with a dollar sign emblem attracted excited bidding up to a $400 winning offer.

Even used, grills carry value signaling status.

13. Haunted Doll – $20

A doll described as having a dark, spooky energy still managed to sell for $20. Bold buyers outweighed eBay skeptics.

Paranormal collectibles like supposedly haunted dolls appeal to niche enthusiasts willing to pay.

14. John Deere Trucker Hat – $880

Mass-produced John Deere trucker hats typically cost $15-$25. But one particular hat received 88 bids culminating in an $880 end price from a fired-up fan.

Simple memorabilia can turn into eBay gold.

15. Ku Klux Klan Sheet Music – $75

In a reminder of troubling issues in America’s past, vintage sheet music from the 1920s titled “Ku Klux Klan” sold for $75.

Collectors may value broad representations of history despite disturbing biases.

16. Cell Phone Charger and Cable Lot – $12

A lot bundle containing 30 various used cell phone chargers and cables still attracted multiple bidders, selling for $12.

Many people likely appreciated a cheap source of backups and extras.

17. Cow Manure – $2

Even poop finds buyers on eBay. A listing for fresh organic cow manure noted its benefits for gardens and crops.

Sure enough, someone bought a quantity for just under $2 plus shipping.

18. Old Board Games – $300+

Vintage collectible editions of board games like Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and Monopoly often reach $300+, sometimes over $1000 for mint conditions.

Nostalgia for childhood classics drives bidding.

19. Moto Razr – $40

The iconic original flip phone sensation, the Moto Razr, still garners eBay’s attention from nostalgic tech fans.

Models in cases fetch $40+. Phones with cultural impact accrue value.

20. OJ Simpson Autograph – $20

An autographed photo of disgraced star OJ Simpson managed to sell for around $20.

Simpson memorabilia attracts curious buyers and collectors of the notorious. Infamy has weird value.

21. Stadium Turf – $159

When stadiums close, fans bid on gear like turf pieces. After Miami’s Orange Bowl was demolished, a turf chunk went for $159. Sports obsession has huge spending power.

22. Neon Sign – $379

Vintage neon signs from iconic bars and brands attract bids from decor-minded enthusiasts.

A glowing Pabst Blue Ribbon beer sign enticed a buyer to pay $379 despite likely needing repairs.

23. Rare Money – $51

Rare paper money like unique large denominations, star notes, or errors command high eBay prices.

One 1934 series $5 bill with a bright red seal sold for $51 thanks to the seal variation.

24. Dirt – $10

Literally, dirt from the ground has been listed and sold on eBay.

A listing for a ziplocked bag of backyard dirt attracted enough curiosity to yield a $10 sale. It proves you can sell anything.

25. Game Consoles – $680

Old video game consoles like rare editions of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox often resell for substantially more than their debut price.

A 1990s Nintendo 64 sold for $680 based on nostalgia and condition.

26. Talkboy – $167.50

Remember the famous Talkboy tape recorder used in Home Alone 2?

This mass-produced toy sold for up to $167.50 on eBay thanks to iconic 1990s movie fame adding collectibility.

27. Vintage Tampons – $24

Even old used feminine products like vintage 1980s logo tampons find bidders on eBay through niche collector markets willing to pay over $20. Anything vintage seduces buyers.

28. Dentures – $40

Used dentures listed on eBay have sold for around $40, likely being purchased for novelty value or gag gifts.

In the right context among relatives, fake used teeth offer humor.

29. Vintage Pampers – $911

An unopened pack of original 1980s vintage Pamper disposable diapers attracted substantial attention resulting in an astronomical $911 end price. Novelty fuels bidding.

30. Worn Panties – $49

In eBay’s definitely NSFW category, some sellers market used underwear, bikinis, and lingerie, including celebrity claims.

One such listing of apparently Selena Gomez-worn panties sold for $49. Fetish markets produce big spenders.


eBay’s incredible range of buyers, sellers, and products leads to surprising sales.

There are several weird things on eBay that have been sold for lots of money.

Everyday household items can sell for hundreds with the right marketing and audience.

While often head-scratching, the sums paid prove the power of passion and collecting.