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USPS Pre-Hire List (Meaning, Process, More+)

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The USPS pre-hire list is the process of randomly selecting the names of those that have been interviewed for the further interview process with the United States Postal Service. (USPS)

If you have applied before you probably must have seen the Pre-hire list on the application websites or probably something similar in meaning and you are been wondering what that means. This article gives you information about what we need.

The United States Postal Service Pre-hire list is an early stage of the hiring process that comes after the applicant has turned in their application and completed the postal exam. During this period, applicants are considered a good fit on paper and are brought in for a series of meetings to further determine suitability.

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The USPS Pre Hire Process

United States Postal Service pre-hire can be a bit rigorous but if you can keep your patience you might get hired.

The first step after applying for the position you want, get yourself prepared for postal exam 473. The result you get after the exam is what will determine if you are going to be among those selected for the pre-hire list.

According to, after that your name has been listed on the pre-hire list it may take you three to six months before you get a response from USPS.

The hiring rep at the local branch you applied to will reach out to you for an “interview, screening or a  personal testing procedure.”

From that point, if your interview is successful and your test results meet up with their expectations, you will be invited for the pre-employment orientation.

This is orientation, is to keep you on board with the work environment and even a chance to get your hands dirty.

This is because the hiring staff wants to be sure that the skill you claim to have is either real or fake.

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Show Your Skills

Did you have a head for numbers? Prove it here.  Can you lift 50 lbs? Great customer service? Show them. This is your opportunity to prove yourself.

This is one major reason you must not list skills you don’t have or have just a little idea of your application, because, unlike some other jobs, USPS will find out if you’re telling the truth.

This part of the pre-hire process is also for the prospective employees, though.

Now that you have gotten a taste of what the job is like, do you still want it? Does it feel like a good fit for you? Will you be willing to show up and give 100 percent to this position?

If not, you can decide to stop pressing further in the hiring process, and save both you and the Postal Service a lot of time and effort (and financial resources, in USPS’s case).

The pre-hire orientation is the last step for the applicant before HR decides to offer a job (or not).

After this, you will have to wait patiently for the hiring staff to go through all the reports that have been compiled for you and other applicants for comparisons. Any candidate that appears to be the best fit will be moved off the pre-hire list and given an employment offer.

How Long Do You Stay On The USPS Hire List?

Because the United States Postal Service is highly sought-after in the US,  the hiring staff are deliberate about who they hire, the pre-hire process can take two to six months before its changes.

If you are looking for an organization that will hire you quick, don’t bother to apply at USPS because it is against their rule.

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Does USPS Pre Hire List Mean You Got The Job?

If your name is listed on the pre-hire list, you can only hope that you will be considered. Don’t assume because it is just a stage that prepares you for the next stage of the employment process.

You will still have to go for a physical interview, a test and a pre-pre-employment orientation before you can be considered for employment or not.

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The USPS Pre-hire list is where qualified applicants end up after filling out an application and a reasonable score on their postal exam.

The applicants are invited for interviews and the pre-hire orientation, these are done for the hiring staff to evaluate their skills and select the candidate that best fit the position.

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