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Professional Volleyball Players Salary

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Professional volleyball players get paid higher salaries than other players in sports such as football, handball, tennis, and some more. In the US, the pay rates of volleyball players range from $19,910 to $187,200, with an average salary of $44,680.

The top 75℅ professional volleyball players acquire $187,200, with the center-half procuring $28,000.

Professional volleyball players may not get the reputation and media hypes that most expert baseball, football, soccer, and b-ball players get, yet they make good measures of cash, strong living, and freedoms to travel from one side of the planet to the other.

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Salary of a Professional Volleyball Players

Volleyball is an onlooker sport whose indoor and open-air games are attended by lots of people. In 2010, the average salary of players in volleyball was estimated to be $104,470 by the Department of Work Measurements.

The vast majority of the payment made by volleyball players in the US is gotten from winning matches. Notwithstanding, proficient volleyball players are paid compensation each month in Europe in a difference to the US.


Starting around 1978, Jose Cuervo and Crocs have been the two authority backers of ocean-side volleyball in the US. In July 2011, Jose Cuervo dispatched the Expert Ocean side Volleyball Series which is the most extravagant in the country with a steady prize tote of about $500,000 more than three occasions.

Observer Sports

Oceanside volleyball is remembered for the class of sports and competitors contenders, particularly observer sports.

The Agency of Work Measurements remembers ocean-side volleyball for the classification of competitors and sports contenders, especially observer sports.

As of May 2010, the BLS gauges that 8,690 individuals in the market acquired a middle pay of fairly more than $100,000 every year in this particular region.

The table underneath contains questions and replies on whether volleyball is an observer sport and the normal compensation of a volleyball player.

Is Volleyball An Observer Sport?Yes! Volleyball is viewed as an observer sport.
What’s The Normal Salary Of Volleyball Players?            $104,470
Who Is The Most generously compensated Volleyball Player?The answer to this question is stated below

Top 4 Rundown Of The Most generously compensated Volleyball Players

  • 1. Gyorgy Grozer (Lokomotiv Novosibirsk) – 870 000 $ (around 739 000 €)
  • 2. Matt Anderson (Zenit Kazan) – 850 000 $ (around 722 000 €)
  • 3. Adage Mikhailov (Zenit Kazan) – 714 000 $ (around 606,000 €)
  • 4. Ivan Zaytsev (Perugia) – 620 000 $ (around 527,000 €)

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How Much Does Professional Volleyball Players Make Abroad?

Aside from the typical winning in the US, professional players bring in cash by setting in competitions, getting various sorts of optional and tertiary prize cash. In any case, professional volleyball players in Europe get top agreements with significant compensations going from a couple of hundred dollars each month to as high as $10,000 to $15,000 each month.

What is the Position of the Philippines in Volleyball?

The Philippines are ranked 131 on the planet by the FIVB.

Who is the Most Well-known Volleyball Player in the Philippines?

The two most famous volleyball players in the Philippines are Alyssa Caymo Valdez (who plays for Creamline Cool Smashers) and Dennise Michelle”Densen” Garcia Lazaro.

Which Nation is Best at Volleyball?

As per the FIVB positioning, Brazil is the best country at Volleyball.

How Much is the Salary of a Volleyball Player in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, a section level volleyball player with 1-3 years of involvement returns home with a normal compensation of ₱162,728, while a senior-level volleyball player with over 8 years of involvement returns home with a normal compensation of ₱263,824.

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Are Volleyball Players Rich?

Volleyball is one of the most famous games all over the planet. Proficient volleyball players get additional worthwhile arrangements and support from around the world, which makes them the absolute most extravagant expert players in sports.


Very much like each different game, volleyball players return home with colossal pay rates. In the US, the compensations of star volleyball players differ from $19,910 to $187,200, with a middle pay of $44,680.

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