Jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree [See full list]
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Jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree [Full list]

It can be quite challenging to get a good pay job without a degree. But that doesn’t dispute the fact that there are jobs that pay as much as $30 per hour even without a college degree. In this article, we would be focusing on jobs that pay $30k an hour and their job role.

Jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree

The following are the list of jobs that pay $30k an hour without a college degree:

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Sales Director

Sales directors as the name imply help boost sales in the company they operate in. While this does not require a degree certificate, it takes skills to be effective on the job.

Your job as a sales director is to create strategies for marketing, work hand in hand with your sales team, manage budgets, and other numerous duties. A sales director can earn $44 per hour.

Security Administrators, Computer Network

The rise of criminal activities such as cyber-attacks has increased the demand and services of security administrators. They work hard to ensure problems that threaten cyber security is solved. You can earn an average of $35 per hour.

Elevator Installer/Repairer

Before you can earn incomes from elevator installation and maintenance you must be licensed on the job.

They install, repair, and maintain elevators and venture into various apprenticeship programs for licensing. The job of an elevator repairer requires the individual to pass through training while on the job as this is the basic standard laid out for an elevator repairer.

You can be paid an average of $32 per hour as an Elevator repairer.

Real Estate Agent

If you have ever bought a house or accompanied someone to buy one there is virtually no need to tell you what a real estate agent does.

A real estate agent or broker is responsible for advising or convincing buyers to buy properties from them. They are equipped with the knowledge of the real estate market for them to be effective in their job.

You do not need a degree to become a real estate agent, but you must go through the licensing programs before you can be recognized as one. Real estate agents can earn up to $31 an hour while on the job.

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Online Jobs

The outbreak of the covid 19 virus helped in boosting the need for online jobs. If you are the kind of person that finds it difficult working a 9 to 5 job or hate leaving the comfort of your home to get your daily bread, you should consider creating or applying for jobs online.

Some jobs pay 30 dollars per hour online which are listed below:

  • Ui specialist
  • Web Design
  • Online marketing
  • Blogging
  • Online tutoring for kids
  • YouTube videos etc

Note that before you can earn $30 or more per hour while working online, it takes time. This is how it was for most people making money online today. It takes consistency, patience, and hard work to be able to reach your goals.

If you are one of the top tiers of your job you can earn even more than $30 per hour.

Delivery Driver

Without no one telling you, you should know college degrees do not matter when applying for a delivery driver job. All you need to to have a driving license with insurance coverage for your vehicle and you are good to go.

You also must be good with routes as this will help you greatly on your job. Delivery drivers make around $18 to $36 an hour.

Beautician or Hairstylist

As the name implies, beauticians ensure customers are satisfied with their appearance.

You do not need to get college degrees but skills in the job of a beautician or hairstylist. They provide services such as spa treatments, hair cuts, massage, waxing, and many more.

Beauticians earn lots of money as they get average pay of $35 per hour.

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Not everyone desires to have a college degree but everybody wants to earn big. Most degree holders tend to get fat salaries from their employers which makes it seem almost impossible to get a good-paying job without a college degree. With this article, you can see that there are good-paying jobs that pay $30 an hour even without a degree.

We would love to know which of the jobs you intend to venture into. You can do that by using the comments section below to share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget to also like and share this article too.