80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Earring Business Name Ideas
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80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Earring Business Name Ideas

Naming a new earring business is an exciting but challenging branding process.

The name you choose needs to instantly convey the style, aesthetics and personality of your brand.

It also needs to grab customer attention in a crowded jewelry marketplace and be memorable enough to stick in people’s minds.

This article contains 80 creative, catchy, and unique earring business name ideas to inspire your own naming process.

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Unique, Catchy Earring Business Name Ideas

As we said earlier, coming up with the perfect name for an earring business can be challenging.

The name needs to be attractive, and memorable and reflect the style and vibe of the brand.

The list below contains 80 unique earring business name ideas to inspire your own naming process:

Catchy Earring Business Name Ideas

1. All That Glitters

2. Artisan Earring Co.

3. Baublette

4. Bejeweled Accessories

5. Bold Baubles

6. Cliq Claq Earrings

7. Clip & Dangle

8. Coastal Crystals

9. Cuff & Link

10. Dangle Boutique

11. Dazzlers

12. Divine Jewels

13. Droplet Jewelry

14. Dulcinea Designs

15. Ear Candy

16. Ear Charm

17. Ear Dazzle

18. Earshine Jewelry

19. Eclectic Earful

20. Fancy That Jewelry

21. Glam & Gleam

22. Gleam Accessories

23. Glitz Jewelry

24. Glitter & Gold

25. Hangups

26. Hoops & Hooks

27. Jewel Jinni

28. Jewelry Artistry

29. Looped Accessories

30. Lovely Lobes

31. Lucky Earring Co.

32. Luxe Links

33. Pizzazz Jewelry

34. Plum Accessories

35. Polished Jewels

36. Post Haste Earrings

37. Pretty Pieces Jewelry

38. Radiant Ornaments

39. Shimmering Designs

40. Shine Bright Jewelry

41. Shiny Happy Earrings

42. Signature Studs

43. Small Wonders Jewelry

44. Sparkle On Studios

45. Sparkling Jewels

46. Studded Hippie

47. Style Trinkets

48. Swagger & Sway

49. The Dangly Bits

50. The Earmark Shop

Creative Earring Business Name Ideas

51. The Golden Hook

52. The Jewel Parlor

53. Tinkling Trinkets

54. Top Drawer Jewelry

55. Twinkle Accessories

56. Two to Dangle

57. Vintage Vibe Jewelry

58. Wish Baubles

59. BeDazzled

60. Adornments

61. Bauble Heads

62. Clip Clop Accessories

63. Cuff Links

64. Ear Charms

65. Ear Dazzlers

66. Finishing Touch Jewelry

67. Hooked on Jewels

68. Jewel Suite

69. Linked Luxe

70. Loop de Loop

71. Make a Statement

72. Pearls and Pizzazz

73. Pin Right Jewels

74. Swaying Styles

75. The Silver Hook

76. Tiara Jewels

77. Twinkle Twinkle Accessories

78. Jewel Winks

79. Adore Accessories

80. Ampersand Jewelry

Tips for Creating a Catchy, Memorable Earring Business Name

Naming a new earring business is an important branding decision. Here are tips to create the perfect memorable, catchy name:

  • Incorporate “earring” or “jewelry” so the product is clear.
  • Short, snappy 1-3 word names work best. Avoid long or overly complex names.
  • Use pleasing alliteration, rhymes, and rhythmic sounds.
  • Consider playful puns or descriptive imagery related to earrings.
  • Balance professionalism with fun – don’t be overly dry or corporate-sounding.
  • Brainstorm a large list of name ideas, then narrow it down over time.
  • Make sure the domain name, social handles, etc. align with branding.
  • Test names with target demographics for resonance.
  • Google name options to catch trademark issues before committing.

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Important Naming Considerations

Keep these additional factors in mind when naming an earring business:

  • Does the name reflect your brand identity, vibe and style? Names evoke certain aesthetics.
  • Is the name versatile enough if you expand into other jewelry in the future?
  • Does the language resonate across your target local and national markets?
  • Can customers easily pronounce and spell the name? Avoid confusing names.
  • Does the name stand out from competitors in the earring/jewelry industry? Be distinctive.

Why Choosing a Catchy, Memorable Name Matters

Picking the right catchy, memorable name is critical for an earring business because:

  • A good name piques consumer interest and makes your brand stand out.
  • It’s one of the first impressions prospects will have of your company.
  • A catchy name is easier to remember which supports branding and referrals.
  • Distinctive naming helps differentiate you from competitors.
  • Names that resonate build an emotional connection with your target audience.
  • A catchy name aligns well with earring marketing across platforms.
  • Uniqueness makes securing domains, social handles and trademarks easier.

So put time into selecting a name customers won’t forget.


Naming a new earring business deserves thoughtful brainstorming to find that perfect memorable name representing your brand.

Consider the language, imagery, length, sound, and versatility of potential names before selecting the ideal option that resonates with customers.

A catchy, unique name helps attract interest and attention as you market a new jewelry brand.

With a creative, strategic name that suits your identity, you’ll start off your earring business on the right foot.