The Best Doordash Promo Codes for 2022

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Delivery from nearby restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores is available through DoorDash.

Over 850 cities provide DoorDash’s delivery service. You can start by creating an account to see if your area offers it.

On your subsequent delivery, you can save money by utilizing a DoorDash coupon code.

Additionally, their promotional coupons provide referral incentives, free shipping, gifts, and rewards.

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Does DoorDash Offer Discounts?

DoorDash gives new customers discounts, and they sporadically provide old customers coupons.

You can save up to 50% off your order using a DoorDash coupon or promo code.

Depending on whether you’ve used the app before or are a new user, you can search online for a DoorDash discount code or a DoorDash coupon that you might be able to use.

How to Apply a DoorDash Promo Code to an Order

Follow these easy instructions on how to utilize a DoorDash coupon code if you want to get credit toward your purchase:

Step 1: Create an Account

You must visit the DoorDash website and register for an account before you can use a promotional coupon.

It won’t take long to create an account.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Your name, last name, email address, and working phone number must be included.

You can then create your account after doing that.

Step 3: Choose Your Food Items

You will be able to select your food items based on restaurants close to you once you have registered and logged in.

You can head to the checkout once you’ve made your food selections.

Step 4: Apply Your Promo Code

The most crucial step, which will enable you to save money on your shopping, is to enter your discount code.

Otherwise, launch the app and log in.

After using the DoorDash coupon code, you can get a discount on the delivery of your preferred restaurant cuisine.

Latest DoorDash Promo Codes

The top deals we could locate as of April 2022 are listed below:

DoorDash Promo Promotion Code Amount

30OFF1: 30% off your first order with the DoorDash promo code

Girl Scouts: Free box of Girl Scout Cookies with a $25 order and

DoorDash promo code

Chief: $10 off a $40 order at one location with DoorDash promo code

MCDCAN50: 50% off delivery on a $20+ McDonald’s Order for new customers with DoorDash discount code

NBA10: $10 off your first $25 order from a participating location with DoorDash code

N/A: 20% off your first order at Earl’s Kitchen with no DoorDash coupon code necessary

G4E7B3EP: $5 off any order $20 or more

These deals frequently have time-limited promotions.

We’ll update the website frequently to provide you with the most relevant offers.

Additionally, we advise you to search via DoorDash’s social media channels for any sporadic additional coupon codes.

Additionally, you can choose to get emails that sporadically contain promotional vouchers when you sign up for a DoorDash account.

How to Use Your DoorDash Coupon

Customers can use a desktop computer or a mobile app to add food and grocery orders to their shopping baskets.

You can click “View Cart” or the shopping cart icon after it is finished and prepared for checkout.

It will take you back to your shopping basket, where you can view a list of your items and the final cost of your order.

You can copy and paste your code into the “Promo Code” box below checkout.

The discount will automatically be applied to your order’s total if the promo code is legitimate and appropriate. Your delivery order may now be completed.

Can I Use Multiple Doordash Coupons at a Time?

No, you cannot combine different DoorDash coupons with the same order. However, if you have many coupons, it might be advisable to place separate orders.

What Does a DoorDash Promo Code Get You?

Some DoorDash discounts are in the form of percentages, while others take a fixed dollar amount off your order.

A Doordash coupon can help you save a lot of money either way.


The new DoorDash client discount is among the top DoorDash offers.

Your delivery fee is zero the first time you order from a nearby restaurant using DoorDash.

For new customers, this promotion offers the usual DoorDash discount.

To tempt new users to try the DoorDash app, it occasionally offers a coupon code for 50% off the first order and a $0 delivery fee.

Free Delivery

Free DoorDash delivery for the first order placed using the DoorDash app is a regular promotion, although other times, free delivery for new and existing customers is available.

The DoorDash app is the most popular way to receive free delivery.

If you place an order from a participating store worth more than a specific amount, you might be eligible for free delivery.

Using the DoorDashDashPass is one way to receive free delivery.

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Don’t miss out on new discounts and promo codes for 2022 by signing up for DoorDash now if you haven’t already.

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