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How to Install Doordash App on iPhone

You may have been aware that working as a Dasher is a popular part-time or full-time job that allows you to supplement your income.

With the Red Card and the insulated bag, the DoorDash Dasher App is your primary work tool.

You can use the App to schedule deliveries, receive orders, perform delivery, and collect payment.

Check out our step-by-step instructions if you want to start making money and understand the basics.

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What Is the Dasher App?

DoorDash is a delivery service for food. Millions of people use the Doordash App to order food.

Doordash is available in 4,000 cities across 50 states in the United States, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, as well as 80 cities in Canada and Australia.

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with how DoorDash operates when clients make an order.

In that case, the App assigns deliveries to drivers (known as Dashers), who earn money by picking them up and delivering them to the customer’s house or office.

DoorDash, like Lyft and Uber, offers two apps:

The DoorDash App: for consumers (connects individual consumers to hundreds of restaurants in their local market.)

DoorDash Dasher App: for driver/courier

How to Install the Courier App

The Dasher app is simple to install on an Android or iPhone smartphone.

But, first, locate the Google Play Store and Apple Store application icons on an Android or iPhone device.

In the search field, type ”DoorDash Driver App,” and then press the ”Install” option. The application will be available for free download.

For IOS, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Doordash driver app for iPhone

How to Download the App on iPhone Ios

  • Go to the App Store after unlocking your device. Look for the search function after you’ve launched the App Store.
  • You may search for ”DoorDash Driver App” or utilize our IOS Download Link.
  • To get and install it, tap the ”get” and ”install” buttons. Before it begins to download, you may need to verify your Apple ID by signing in to the iTunes store.
    The program will begin to install after this verification is completed. Please be patient as this may take some time.
  • You can open the App once it has been installed on your device. The driver app login will be the first thing you see.
  • Log in using your driver account’s ”Email Address” and password.

What Is the Doordash – Driver’s Latest Version & Release Date, and Initial Release Date?

The most recent stable version of DoorDash – Driver is 2.6, released on April 30, 2020. The App is 106 MB in size.

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How Much Does Doordash – Driver Cost, and How to Pre-order/Buy It?

It is available for free download from the App Store. You can purchase the app directly from the store because it has already been released.

DoorDash: Driver is banned in my country. Is it legal to access it via VPN?

It is illegal to use an app (DoorDash – Driver) in your country if it is prohibited.

You can access the App for specific reasons, such as retrieving your content or money or canceling an account.

You can access it by using a VPN from another country. We strongly advise against using it with a VPN because it may result in legal troubles.

Which Is the Best Vpn to Use With Doordash – Driver?

If you need to use a VPN to access DoorDash – Driver for some reason, you can use one of the VPNs listed below.

These are the best VPN services, as tested and used by millions of people worldwide.

They’re also simple, quick, and give total support and security.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN

Activate Your DoorDash Red Prepaid Card

You’ve probably signed up as a Dasher, passed the background check, and are now a DoorDash driver. DoorDash works for drivers.

You received the DoorDash activation package (red hot bag + red card). Activate your prepaid card before delivery for Doordash.

If the app prompts you, use the red card to pay for the customer’s order. Doordash isn’t accepted for gas or food.

DoorDash requires you to carry a card. Otherwise, you must pay at the restaurant and request a DoorDash refund.

Bestreferraldriver loves to provide driver tips. So order a red automobile in case you lose yours. It’sIt’s free at DoorDash.

Open the App or website to activate your Red Card. Then, follow these steps to utilize Dasher:

  • Open your iOS or Android DoorDash driver app
  • Open the menu (top/left corner)
  • Tap on ”Red Card”
  • You should see a form prompting you to enter the last four digits of your card number and delight number
  • The card last 4 are the last four digits of your 16-digit card number
  • The delight number is
  • Once you activate your card, you are ready to accept order requests.

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Earn extra money as a delivery driver with both DoorDash and Caviar.

You’llYou’ll have the flexibility and freedom to drive when you want, where you want.

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