Best Ways to Cash Out on Doordash Easily

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How do you cash out on DoorDash? This is a frequently asked question. It’s one of DoorDash’s most intriguing features.

While DoorDash generally pays you your earnings once a week, you can cash out your earnings daily for a modest fee if you need to.

Fast Pay is the name given to this feature by DoorDash.

While I don’t recommend using Fast Pay if you can avoid it, it can be helpful if you’re in a hurry and need your money immediately.

In this post, I’ll explain how to cash out on DoorDash and provide all of the information you need to know about how to cash out your profits on DoorDash and whether or not you should use Fast Pay.

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How Can You Cash Out on Doordash?

Delivery drivers can pick how often they wish to cash out using DoorDash. On the other hand, DoorDash allows you to pay out weekly, daily, or instantaneously.

Furthermore, DoorDash pays delivery drivers via direct deposit every week.

If you want your money sooner, you can choose between DasherDirect (immediate payments) and Fast Pay (daily payments).

DasherDirect provides you with a customized Visa credit card to which all your payments are automatically transferred.

Fast Pay, on the other hand, allows drivers to withdraw their profits after each day. When utilizing Fast Pay, however, there is a daily cost of $1.99.

What Is Fast Pay? 

As previously discussed, you can use Fast Pay, a feature of the Dasher app, to cash out on DoorDash daily.

You won’t have to wait until Monday for your profits to be deposited into your bank account if you use Fast Pay.

Instead, if you like, you can have your earnings put into your bank account once a day.

However, there is a catch. Every time Dashers use Fast Pay; they are charged $1.99.

That can be a large percentage of your wages or a small percentage of your earnings, depending on how much you earn.

So, if you earned $100 on Monday and $100 on Tuesday, you can use Fast Pay to cash out the entire $200 you earned for the week.

You’d pay a $1.99 fee to use Fast Pay, so your bank account would be credited $198.01.

Does DoorDash Pay Daily?

No, DoorDash does not pay daily. Instead, each delivery earns you money, but the app only pays out once a week.

You’ll be compensated for all deliveries made between Monday and Sunday.

The money is transferred to your bank account via a weekly direct deposit by the company.

Because this process takes a few days, even though DoorDash pays on Mondays, you won’t collect your base salary until Wednesday.

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Can DoorDash Drivers Cash Out Instantly

DoorDash drivers can cash out instantaneously with Fast Pay.

You won’t be compensated for the current delivery, so make sure you request payment after quitting the app.

Because you can only use this option once each day, it’s better to wait until you’ve completed all of your deliveries before using it.

If you don’t cash out right away, the sum in your account will remain.

When DoorDash makes weekly payouts, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account.

How to Set up Fast Pay

All Dashers in the United States have access to Fast Pay.

You must have your debit card information ready to enter into the DoorDash app to set it up.

Click on the banking details under the Earnings tab.

You’ll notice the different payment options, one of which should be your direct deposit.

Select Fast Pay from the drop-down menu and enter your debit card number.

In the same way, you can modify your debit card information.

Remember that altering or re-entering your card information will start the seven-day waiting period all over again.

This safeguard allows DoorDash to confirm that the card belongs to you and that it isn’t being used fraudulently.

Fast Pay Requirements

Unfortunately, first-time DoorDashers will not be able to cash out promptly via fast Pay.

This is because you must meet many DoorDash rapid pay standards, including:

  • Completing at least 25-lifetime deliveries
  • Being on DoorDash for at least two weeks since activation
  • Having a correctly set up bank account

These requirements are pretty lenient, and if you put in some effort, you can probably accomplish the 25-lifetime delivery need within your first two weeks of DoorDashing!

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Dashers get paid via direct deposit on Mondays, but they also have the option of using Fast Pay.

Dashers can get quick cash-outs through Fast Pay for a nominal cost of $1.99 for every withdrawal.

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