How Long Does it Take to Sell An Item on eBay
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How Long Does it Take to Sell An Item on eBay: My Average Sales Time on eBay

If you’re considering starting an eBay selling side hustle, one question that inevitably comes up is “How long does it actually take to sell stuff on eBay?”

The answer varies quite a bit based on factors like what you’re selling, current demand, pricing, time of year, competition, and more.

But in my experience selling a wide variety of products on eBay, most items sell within 1-4 weeks.

Here’s a look at my average sales times across different eBay item categories, as well as tips to help your listings sell faster.

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How Long Does it Take to Sell An Item on eBay

1. Electronics

Electronics are one of the most in-demand eBay categories, so used iPhones, video game consoles, laptops, and other gadgets tend to sell quickly.

My average electronics sales time: 1-2 weeks

Tips to sell faster

  • Price at or slightly below similar sold listings for your item type and condition
  • Offer free, fast shipping with tracking and delivery estimates
  • List newly released models first to capitalize on the hype
  • Detail specs and conditions clearly in titles and description
  • Take high-quality photos that showcase functionality
  • Consider an auction format for rare/collectible items to drive urgency

2. Home Goods & Furniture

Bulky home items like furniture, kitchen appliances, and patio sets tend to take a bit longer to sell since shipping is more complex.

But pricing competitively still makes them move at a decent clip.

My average home goods sales time: 2-3 weeks

Tips to sell faster

  • List locally for porch pickup first to save the hassle of shipping large items
  • Offer discounted or free local delivery if feasible to broaden the buyer pool
  • Use clear photos that showcase dimensions, condition, and utility
  • List before peak demand seasons like spring/summer for patio furniture or holiday gifting for kitchenware
  • Utilize promoted listings and social promotions to increase visibility

3. Clothing & Shoes

Trendy and in-season clothing and shoes tend to sell fastest, while specialty sizes or niche brands take longer.

My average clothing/shoe sales time: 1-4 weeks

Tips to sell faster

  • Only list the newest arrivals from brands/styles currently in demand
  • Model clothing to show fit; include shoe size/fit details
  • Offer discounted bundled shipping on multi-item purchases
  • Refresh stale listings with new photos and promotions
  • Price high-demand items competitively and niche/vintage higher
  • Utilize eBay Fashion feed to target interested buyers

4. Toys & Collectibles

Popular toys, trading cards, and collectibles sell fast when demand is high, while more obscure items sit longer waiting for the right buyer.

My average toys & collectibles sales time: 2-3 weeks

Tips to sell faster

  • Monitor trends to list hot collectibles during peak hype
  • Create targeted promotions around holidays, anniversaries or pop culture news
  • Competitively price mainstream items under sold listings; price rare items higher
  • Combine similar items into lots to appeal to buyers seeking bulk deals or variety
  • Use detailed titles and descriptions to attract serious collectors

5. Everything Else

From media to sporting goods, if you list a breadth of product categories, some niche items will sit longer than mass-market ones. Patience and promotions are key.

My average “everything else” sales time: 2-4 weeks

Tips to sell faster

  • Focus listings on the newest and most in-demand products
  • Limit listings in slow-moving niche categories
  • Discount stale listings periodically to incentive buyers
  • Send offers to those who added items to carts or monitored listings
  • Run sales promotions around holidays, events, or during peak seasons

When Should You Relist or Lower Prices?

As a general rule of thumb, if an item hasn’t sold within 2-4 weeks, it’s worth reassessing your listing strategy.

First, search sold listings to see if similar items are selling faster than yours. If so, adjust your pricing accordingly.

Add new photos or update your title and description wording to give your listing a refresh. Make sure you’re offering fast, trackable shipping options that buyers want.

If after another 2 weeks there’s still no action, consider dropping the price by 5-10% to provide added incentive.

For very slow movers, after 2 months, either relist at an even lower price, put them into auction format, or consider if they may sell better on another selling platform.

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The time it takes to sell an item on eBay can vary widely depending on factors like the item’s desirability, pricing, and marketing efforts.

While some items may sell quickly, others may take longer to find the right buyer.

Patience and staying on top of promotions is key. While you can’t force quick sales, following eBay’s best practices helps items sell in a reasonable 1-4 week timeframe in most cases.