Doordash Deactivation: Reasons Why and How to Doordash App Reactivated

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Doordash drivers are being deactivated from the platform and having their accounts terminated.

Unfortunately, any driver could experience it, typically happening when least expected.

Fortunately, if you don’t want to be deactivated, there are faults you can avoid! Check out this post if you haven’t started delivering yet.

Read more as we throw more light on this.

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DoorDash Deactivation Policy

DoorDash takes pride in giving its Dashers flexible employment options so they can work when it suits them and give back to their communities.

Being your employer has drawbacks, though.

You could put yourself at risk for deactivation if customers or merchants have a problem with your services.

There are several reasons why your account can be deactivated, which are covered in the DoorDash Deactivation Policy.

How Do You Know You Got Deactivated?

DoorDash alerts a dasher when their account is canceled either through email and the Dasher app.

The email explains why it occurred, and the in-app warning demonstrates that it occurred.

The email will outline the next steps if you have the right to appeal the judgment.

Deactivation may occur at any time. However, they do provide a reason.

What Happens if You Get Deactivated?

DoorDash will send you an email and an app notice once your account is deleted.

Have your phone in plain sight because you can lose service while traveling.

Unless you successfully file an appeal, all DoorDash deactivations are irreversible.

The procedure occurs abruptly and occasionally without prior notice.

Although you cannot appeal for all deactivations, the email will let you know if you can.

You will then be given instructions on how to start the procedure.

They handle each transgression individually, with some actions leading to quicker deactivations.

How to Appeal a Doordash Deactivation

DoorDash will include advice on how to appeal in the initial deactivation email.

According to DoorDash, if the deactivation was brought about by “objective” metrics like customer feedback or completion rate, the appeals process does not apply.

This is because a calculation like a customer rating is less disputed than a customer incident.

A link to an appeal form and instructions will be provided in the deactivation notice.

Fill out the forms, pay close attention to the directions, and include any necessary images or documentation.

Then pause. Within a few days, DoorDash ought to respond.

The best way to approach the appeals process is not by live chat, phone, tweeting DoorDash, or any other means of contact. Instead, follow the appeals form exactly.

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What Should I Do if My Doordash Account Gets Deactivated?

You can apply for alternative services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, InstaCart, Lyft, or Postmates.

As a dasher, you might be able to file an appeal if you would like to stay on DoorDash.

You are eligible to file an appeal if you broke the Independent Contractor Agreement or engaged in fraud, abuse, or safety violations.

You could not file an appeal if it occurred due to an objective factor, such as the completion rate or consumer rating.

DoorDash consumer fraud or discrimination may seem worse than a completion rate of 75%, but the former is easier to challenge.

Reasons DoorDash Will Deactivate You

Completion Rate Below 80%

Orders accepted/completed constitute the completion rate. Don’t take on projects you can’t finish!

Failure to Pass a Background Check

DoorDash updates their background check on occasion.

So, you might be deactivated if a criminal or driving record issue arises.

Ratings Drop Below 4.2

Deactivation could result from receiving too many negative customer reviews.

Marking Deliveries Complete That Weren’t Completed

If it isn’t, don’t mark it as complete. Instead, follow the instructions in the app to properly end a delivery if you cannot finish it.

Frequent Late Deliveries

You risk being deactivated if your deliveries are frequently substantially later than the predicted delivery time.

Tampering With Deliveries or Exhibiting Unsafe Food Handling Practices 

Avoid opening, eating, or tampering with deliveries.

Red Card Abuse

The red card should only be used for active delivery.

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Any Dasher could have their account deactivated by breaking DoorDash’s strict contracts and standards.

Keep track of your delivery if you want to appeal, and stay on top of your performance to avoid deactivation.

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