Seven Most Common Doordash Scams and How to Avoid Losing Out

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It’s easier than ever to obtain the proper meal, snack, or dessert item with food delivery services like DoorDash.

Services like these are a godsend, especially for those who have been staying home more often.

It’s disappointing and upsetting to have that experience ruined by a fraud.

Over the past few years, drivers and consumers have been victims of DoorDash fraud.

Today, we’ll discuss the various frauds, hacks, and security risks that DoorDash users may encounter.

Knowing the facts can help both drivers and customers avoid losing money.

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Seven Most Common Doordash Scams and How to Avoid Losing Out

There are several Doordash scams that mostly end up in you losing out on your money or food, so we collated a list of the seven most common scams and how to avoid losing out.

Email Survey Scam

Credit stuffing is commonly done through email survey frauds.

You will receive an email directing you to take a survey due to these attempts.

The con artists give you a discount on your next DoorDash delivery as an incentive.

You must log in to a website that appears similar to DoorDash to complete the survey and obtain the alleged discount.

In truth, it’s a DoorDash-looking clone website that a third party is running.

Scammers can grab your personal information if you log in from this page.

Phishing Attempts

Receiving a link, email, or text message with a link to follow is a phishing fraud.

Scammers can steal personal information, including credit card information, by clicking on this link.

In this fraud, a third party poses as a legitimate company entity to get the victim to comply.

Smishing is when scammers use phishing methods using SMS messaging in particular.

Customers receive text messages from parties purporting to be DoorDash in certain smishing attempts.

Scammers invite clients to confirm recent delivery details by logging onto a bogus site to steal personal information in these text messages.

This is a particularly deadly con.

Many users who are sure they haven’t placed an order will want to log in and double-check that they haven’t.

Users will be exposed to stolen data if they click the link.

In the 2019 DoorDash data breach, customer phone numbers were exposed.

Customers should be wary of SMS messages that do not appear to come from a reliable source.

Dashers Stealing Your Food

Sadly, DoorDash customers sometimes experience delivery drivers tampering with or taking food.

If you share something unexpected with your order, attempt to get to the bottom of the matter first.

Remember that drivers are not authorized to open the bag or box and check your purchase. If your order is not quite right, the restaurant likely made a mistake.

If your order isn’t delivered, it’s conceivable that there was an address mix-up. DoorDash provides links dedicated to reporting and working out these concerns.

But if you’re confident that your driver wasn’t professional with your order, contact Doordash support using the app.

DoorDash’s drivers are independent contractors. Tampering with or stealing food is not accepted by the company.

Still, be aware of all the mix-ups that could happen without evil intent.

Customers report trivial and fraudulent complaints typically to receive free food or discounts.

Therefore, always make sure to evaluate driver-related issues before taking drastic action.

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Fake Delivery Drivers

As unpleasant as it is to get your online information stolen, having scammers come up at your home is even more upsetting.

Many DoorDash clients have fallen victim to a scam in which a so-called driver came to their home and stated that they had the customer’s order.

Often, it can be challenging to differentiate between a scam of this sort and a legitimate mix-up.

But on one occasion, a victim of this fraud observed the bogus driver approach on her security camera stream.

The bogus driver came to her house with a group of individuals whom the driver directed to conceal and wait.

Since DoorDash’s 2019 leak includes delivery addresses for numerous consumers, criminals are now likely able to use them for such frauds.

Customer Picks Up Food Before Driver

Unfortunately, drivers can be the victim of actions performed by consumers. For example, in certain rare circumstances, clients will deceitfully complain that the driver has not brought their food.

Sometimes they will pick up the meal at the restaurant before the driver does.

These sorts of activities reflect adversely on the motorist at no fault of their own.

As it’s the consumer’s job to acquire their food, bypassing or cheating the system produces unfair complications for the drivers.

Drivers can report events like this directly to DoorDash in the app. They should also call the company quickly to address the situation.

Direct Deposit Scam

In this phishing scheme, third parties persuade drivers to join on to a phony version of their DoorDash account.

Once they capture the login information, they use it to modify direct deposit information.

Then, they can take the employee’s earnings. One driver complained that a third party called her and posed as DoorDash.

They told her about a delivery challenge that, if achieved, would win her a monetary award.

Once she completed the challenge, they asked for her details so they could deliver her prize to her.

Once the scammers obtained her details, they stole roughly $900 of her income.

DoorDash maintains that customers and workers should not reveal their account information.

Some employees who gave out information had problems escalating the matter. But they eventually did obtain payment.

Also, look out for anything that has to do with emails involving DoorDash 1099 paperwork – fee or tax documents.

Scammers have already been known to email DoorDash drivers asking for social security numbers and other personal information — which they later use for identify theft.

Customer Reports False, Incorrect Complaints About Food

Similarly, as noted previously, customers will create bogus complaints to gain discounts.

Drivers should promptly contact DoorDash through the app or by phone to offer their side of the story.

This will frequently cleanse the air and fix the condition.

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Keep in mind the following scams and schemes.

This will protect both your information and your delicious treats.

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