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How to Reach out to a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is by far the biggest professional social structure in the world. It has approximately 756 million registered members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn as a professional platform links seekers of jobs with potential employers. Job seekers often lose the opportunity for a job because they shy away from reaching out to the hiring manager, and even when they summon the courage to do so, they often don’t know what to say. This has caused a lot of trouble and unnecessary anxiety in the minds of job seekers.

Aside from employment opportunities, there are tons of services that are being offered on LinkedIn. One prominent one is the fix my resume services, which assist young and inexperienced job seekers in getting their resumé in one piece. Although the majority of accounts on the platform are owned by job seekers, there are millions of job adverts that are being managed by the hiring manager themselves.

Everyone, at one point, seeks to contact the hiring manager. However, the question on the majority’s mind is, “is reaching out to the hiring manager appropriate?” Well, there is no one simple answer to this question. But reaching out to a hiring manager won’t reduce your chances of getting hired. Now, said from the anxiety that runs through your body as you are about to reach out, another problem is “what do I say?” Of course, you don’t want to sound needy and put pressure on them.

You need to read through this article to know what to do if you want to reach out to your hiring manager.

Should You Reach out to the Hiring Manager on LinkedIn?

Reaching out to the hiring manager of a company might not be on your list of work etiquette, but there are no laid down rules that say contacting your hiring manager is prohibited. The worst that could happen is that your mail will not be replied to. However, competitive positions with hundreds of applicants can require personal contact with a top employer: a hoping manager, for instance.

Reaching out to your hiring manager may not seem to have a positive effect, but professionals will look up the profile of the person who contacted them.

This gives you an edge over waiting for application reviews from your hiring manager. If you are applying for a job on Linkedin’s feed, you can reach out to the hiring manager; however, if the hiring manager personally asks for your resume, you don’t need to follow up on the employment.

However, if reaching out to the hiring manager doesn’t sit well with you, you can ask for a collaboration with another familiar company that would refer you for the same position you applied for. See here if you need help. Anytime you summon the courage to contact your hiring manager, below are ways to make your contact look organic.

Send An Appreciative Message

When your connection request gets accepted, you should send a “thank you” message through a personal message. Trust me; everyone loves to feel appreciated. Sending a thank you message tells them you are grateful to them for accepting your contact request.

Mention the state of your application

Let the hiring manager understand that you have applied for the proposed job. You also need to state the extent of your interest in it. It is also important that you have applied for the job before you contact the hiring manager. No one wants to listen to someone still “planning” to apply; no one would hire such a person.

Note Your Key Qualifications

Don’t fail to mention your key qualifications. This lets them know if you are the right person for the job or not. However, if your qualifications don’t fit the job on their feed, you might as well fit in other jobs that are yet to be posted on their feed.

Make Your Message Short

No hiring manager wants to be bored out of their skin. You need to keep your message as concise as possible. No long storeis, no melodrama. You can have a peek here at what is expected. Understand that It’s enough that you are going out of your way to contact them; the least you can do is make your message specific. You shouldn’t get under their skin with long boring messages.

Let Your Message Be Error-free

We all know that LinkedIn is a professional site with people that are nothing less than excellent. You need to also prove that you are not less than excellent. Your messages should be error-free and thoroughly edited. Get your language well-articulated and polished. You need to sound like the professional you are.

Desist from abbreviation

It can get very tricky when you are in your hiring manager’s DM; you tend to forget that you are chatting with a professional and then switch to using abbreviated or social media languages. You shouldn’t be tempted to use any language aside from professional language.  

Be Polite as possible

Use polite and appreciative language. You shouldn’t sound rude and entitled because it makes your recruiter avoid checking your profile and your application at most.

Foster a Good Relationship

You need to build a good steady relationship with the hiring manager. Even though the current job is out of your reach, other jobs will show up, and your already-built relationship puts your qualification ahead of others.

Keep in touch

Don’t just give up on your hiring manager. Regularly keep in touch with them to inquire about other openings. Eventually, the. If a job that matches your profile comes along, you will be the first to be considered.


As mentioned earlier, contacting your hiring manager wouldn’t remove a hair from your head. It doesn’t mean you will be automatically recruited as well. But you need to keep your professional networking close at heart, and one way to do so is to contact your hiring manager.

Although LinkedIn isn’t a social media platform, which makes your interactions on it strictly professional. You can still gather networking and connections for future purposes. However, don’t forget to keep your messages strictly concise and professional.

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