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Question And Answer: How Would You Describe Your Personality In An Interview?

Normally in an interview, you will be questioned in diverse areas by the interviewer or employer on topics bordering round your qualifications but, what happens when questions like “how would you describe your personality” comes up?

In this article, it is our core mission to help you answer that interview question without any challenge at all and yet, win the heart of the interviewer who throws the question at you in an interview.

During job interviews, lots of test questions are asked to ascertain your level of competence and skills to fit into the job role you applied for. So, you must be ready with an eased mind understanding that these questions must come.

Why do interviewers or employers ask the question “How would you describe your personality” in an interview?

Many applicants of diverse jobs have been left most times wondering why the personality test kind of questions keep popping up during interview sessions. Well, the fact about this is that, employers need to know the personality of their employees to know how they will possibly fit into their companies.

Your personality helps the interviewer assess you to see if you will be able to take the job role you applied for. When you get a green check on the required personality , it means the interviewer is okay with your kind of personality but otherwise, there are low chances of you being selected for the job role.

What kind of personality do employers want?

When it comes to what kind of personality an employer wants from their employees, you will have to consider the sector of business the employer is involved in. An importer who needs more sales representatives won’t be demanding a medical personality in his premises but rather would desire a business-inclined personality.

Before applying for a job opening, do well to research on the kind of personalities such jobs require and then go ahead and evaluate yourself to see if you will fit in perfectly to offer the services needed by the employer.

How can I discover my personality?

Self evaluation is the key here. After researching on the kind of personalities needed for a job you desire to apply for, go ahead and check the list of traits needed to checkmate yourself on how many of them you possess.

If you are applying for a leadership role for example, your research on the personality needed for the job will have to border round qualities of a good leader. So, you will have to be deliberate about this to check how many of the qualities of a good leader you posses. This will spell out clearly to you whether you stand a chance of being employed in that field or not.

How to describe your personality in an interview

You must be smart with your choice of words when answering the question about describing your personality in an interview. First of all, you will have to start with words like “I am always a/an…….” then go ahead to use matching words like diligent, loyal, reliable, creative, innovative, visionary, friendly, honest, ethical, personable, motivated etc to describe yourself within the context of the profession you are seeking to build a career.

When you structure your ‘about me’ well, the interviewer or employer will have no choice than to understand your personality in few sentences. Be sure to be precise and brief without too much stories. Above all, be sincere and straight forward.