12 Behavioural Interview Questions On Customer Service
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12 Behavioural Interview Questions On Customer Service

Like we would always say here at newbalancejobs, employers have their reasons for asking certain kinds of questions to their job applicants. In this article, we shall be looking at about 12 behavioural interview questions on customer service.

We will share here the 12 most common interview questions that have to do with customer service and how you can with wise strategies give the best answers to them and stand a chance to land the next available job role that has to do with customer service setting.

Why do interviewers ask behavioural interview questions on customer service?

Employers of labour in the customer service-based businesses have high taste when it comes to employing sales representative that will interact with their customers on their behalf. So, their employment processes have to be so strict with salient questions to test your knowledge to be sure you are the best bet for the job.

When an employee who is to be a customer service representative fails to meet up with the roles associated with the job, there will be setbacks in the business and bad image for the business owner(employer).

12 Behavioural interview questions on customer service

Here, we will be sharing about twelve(12) behavioural questions on customer service.

  1. What is a good customer service?
  2. What interests you about this job role?
  3. What is your best customer service experience?
  4. Can you share a bad customer service you experienced?
  5. Is there a difference between customer service and customer support?
  6. Can you share a good customer service you rendered in time past?
  7. Have you ever handled a difficult customer? How did you do it?
  8. Have you ever broken work ethics to please a customer?
  9. Have you ever received a negative feedback from a client before? What did you do with it?
  10. Have you ever gotten a customer complaint you have no answer to? What did you do?
  11. What would you do when your product is below standard and a customer has paid for it?
  12. What is the last new skill you learnt and why?

The above questions are some common questions you will come face to face with when having a customer service based kind of job opening. So, before going for such an interview, ensure that you have ample knowledge and experience to give the required answers to these questions so as to stand a chance of landing the job available.

When these questions comes during the interview session, understand that the interviewer or employer is not trying to humiliate you or run you down but is aiming at employing the best candidate available. So, be sure to answer the questions with sincere personal experiences.

Be sincere and precise when giving your answers to the questions when they are asked. How brief but yet explanatory you are gives you an edge above your peers at the interview.