The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines: Frontier Airlines is a low-cost American airline operating across a wide domestic and international route network.

Frontier aims to offer affordable air travel by cutting frills and charging added fees. This budget-focused model divides opinion among both casual and frequent flyers.

Having knowledge of the key pros and cons of flying Frontier allows travelers to determine if the carrier aligns with their needs and preferences.

Here is an objective look at what Frontier Airlines does well along with areas for improvement.

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Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

To make a sound decision on using Frontier Airlines it is best to examine the pros and cons of the establishment.

Pros of Frontier Airlines

Frontier offers several advantages that make them an attractive choice in certain situations:

1. Inexpensive Base Fares

The biggest advantage of Frontier is the ability to book flights for base fares cheaper than full-service competitors.

No-frills ticketing without seat assignments or checked bags enables ultra-low ticket pricing, especially for one-way routes booked in advance.

For travelers simply seeking the lowest airfare from A to B without amenities, Frontier delivers great value.

2. Extensive Route Network

Frontier serves over 100 destinations across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Canada.

This extensive route network provides access to popular cities and vacation hotspots.

Inventory spans hundreds of routes, giving flexibility for booking affordable trips to many places.

3. Deals and Promotions

Frontier frequently runs sales and promotions discounting fares even lower with code discounts.

Subscribing to their emails surfaces cheap last-minute travel opportunities.

Members can get deals and redeem miles for free flights. When leveraged wisely, promotions expand affordability.

4. No Preferred Seating Fees

Unlike most large airlines, Frontier doesn’t charge higher fees for picking preferred seats near the front of the aircraft.

All seats cost the same outside of the very first row. This avoids nickel-and-diming for desirable legroom.

5. Newer Aircraft Fleet

Frontier maintains a relatively young fleet of Airbus A320 family narrow-body jets featuring comfortable slimline seating.

The average Frontier aircraft is five years old, making their planes newer than competitors. Modern jets improve the overall travel experience.

6. Kids Fly Free

Children under 15 always fly for free on Frontier when booking with a paid adult fare.

This family perk removes the considerable cost of buying tickets for kids. Families can fly together affordably on Frontier.

7. Pets In Cabin Allowed

For a fee, Frontier allows travelers to bring a small cat or dog in the aircraft cabin.

Pet owners appreciate avoiding cargo hold separation. Frontier accommodates approved ESA animals for free too.

8. Easy Booking & Check-In Process

Frontier website and mobile app booking is simple and intuitive. Fliers can pick seats for free during online check-in 24 hours pre-departure.

This avoids airport check-in lines and fees. Frontier also allows checking one bag for free during online check-in.

Cons of Frontier Airlines

However, Frontier Airlines does come with drawbacks to factor in:

1. Bare Bones Amenities & Service

As expected for ultra-low-cost airlines, Frontier strips out comforts and complimentary amenities common on full-service carriers.

There is no in-flight entertainment or WiFi. Food, drinks, and advance seat selection cost extra fees. And service is basic with limited staff.

2. Potentially Hidden Fees

While base ticket prices seem super low, many optional services carry fees that can multiply costs.

From checked bags to soft drinks to TV, every addition tacks on incremental fees.

The advertised price hides the real total cost once “unbundling” charges add up.

3. Tight Seat Pitch

Frontier has one of the tightest seat pitches in the industry at under 31 inches in economy.

This leaves little legroom for taller passengers. Lack of recline further reduces space. Seat discomfort can become difficult on longer flights.

4. Charge For Carry-On Bags

Unlike other airlines, Frontier charges up to $70 for carry-on bags requiring the use of overhead bins.

Personal items fitting under the seat remain free. But paying for carry-on luggage frustrated travelers used to free carry-ons on major airlines.

5. Barebones Frequent Flyer Program

Frontier’s DISCOUNT Den loyalty program lacks amenities and rewards provided by the major airline programs.

You only earn miles based on ticket cost. Award travel availability is limited and miles expire quickly if inactive.

Elite tiers don’t offer special services. Overall, the program is basic compared to rivals.

6. Limited Airport Footprint

While Frontier serves many destinations, they only focus operations on select airports in a city, often secondary airports farther out.

This means less schedule flexibility and airport convenience compared to larger incumbent airlines.

7. Rare First-Class Options

Frontier removed first-class seating years ago. They offer just a single type of economy seat on their aircraft.

Travelers desiring premium services won’t find it here outside of very rare seasonal offerings.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons

Evaluating the pros and cons of Frontier depends on individual preferences and trip needs:

Good Situations for Frontier

  • You want the absolute lowest fare and carry-on is sufficient.
  • Flying a direct route they serve from a convenient airport.
  • You book far in advance when fares are lowest.
  • You rarely check bags.
  • Kids and pet policies are beneficial.
  • You join their DISCOUNT Den program for deals.

Poor Situations for Frontier

  • You want robust premium services and comforts.
  • You frequently check luggage and hate added fees.
  • You dislike their cramped legroom and lack of recline.
  • Award travel flexibility is important.
  • You always want a close major airport.
  • You are tall or broad-shouldered needing ample space.

Tips for Traveling Well on Frontier

Here are tips for getting the most out of flying Frontier Airlines:

  • Take carry-on bags to avoid checked luggage fees.
  • Join DISCOUNT Den for fare deals and reduced bag fees.
  • Book as soon as possible for the lowest fares. 21+ day advance ideal.
  • Bundle add-ons like bags and seats when booking to save over separate purchases.
  • Pack food and download entertainment to your devices since not offered.
  • Be flexible on airports if they serve multiple in an area.
  • Print boarding passes early to pick any standard seat for free.
  • Sign up for fare alerts so you don’t miss local promo deals.


Frontier Airlines gives travelers access to inexpensive air travel across an extensive route system.

However, the ultra-low-cost carrier model also comes with austerity in amenities and potential surprise fees.

Understanding Frontier’s pros of budget fares and wide network along with cons like seat discomfort and hidden charges allows fliers to determine when and if Frontier meets their flying needs.

While not a complete airline, Frontier absolutely serves as a place for travelers who want to minimize air transport costs above all.