Easily Get Nest Aware Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

How to Easily Get Nest Aware Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Nest Aware takes the worry out of your home security and allows you to see what’s happening anywhere with an internet connection. 

You can watch live videos from your Nest Cam or listen in to hear what’s going on throughout your home, so you never miss another moment with family and friends. 

The Nest Aware subscription service comes with seven days of free trial and easy-to-follow setup steps, so you can experience all it offers without spending any money upfront. 

To sign up for Nest Aware, you must have an account with Google or Amazon.

Unfortunately, you can’t pay the monthly fee using your credit card.

Luckily, you can sign up using a virtual card from PayPal and use it to pay for Nest Aware after your 30-day free trial ends.

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What is Nest Aware?

Nest is Google’s latest smart home device. It’s an upgraded version of your security camera, with many additional features like facial recognition and other innovative applications. 

Nest cameras’ purpose is to ensure you are always connected, no matter where you are. 

That said, users need a subscription plan to get the most out of their purchases. But now, with a little trick, you can get that free trial for up to two months at no cost!

Step by Step Guide on How to Easily Get Nest Aware Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Follow these simple guidelines on how to easily get a nest aware free trial with a virtual credit card.

Step 1: Create A New Gmail Account

If you do not already have an existing Gmail account, you can easily create one today. 

You can use an existing email address if it is not associated with your identity.

Make sure that you set up your account with 2-step verification to have additional security for your account should someone else discover your information. 

You will need to add a phone number for verification purposes, and a code will be sent to you for confirmation to ensure that you are comfortable giving out that information as Nest may use it.

Step 2: Go To Self Checkout and Select Check Out As Guest

Many stores offer self-checkout. These stores provide you with your scanner to scan and bag your items, removing any contact with a cashier. 

These options will automatically eliminate any possibility of swiping your credit card with someone looking over your shoulder. 

Additionally, some stores offer people without an account their checkout lanes at self-checkout areas where you’re encouraged to use those lanes for privacy purposes. 

If not, ask customer service for one of these checkouts when using self-checkout; they may give it to you for privacy reasons if they’re not busy and depending on store policies since employees do not need to see your credit card info anyway.

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Step 3: Use Google Chrome Browser for Faster Results

If you use a virtual credit card, you’ll need a Google Chrome browser. 

Internet Explorer won’t work, nor will other browsing networks or browsers. 

I use Chrome because it’s faster and more efficient than it does. 

If you don’t have it, download it now; most computers come with it already installed anyway. 

With a Chrome browser, you won’t encounter any issues during the setup process.

Step 4: Use Your Digital Credit Card (Gift Card)

After signing up for Nest Aware, you can now use your virtual credit card number that you had previously generated in conjunction with your actual credit card. 

The next time you want to purchase something online, input your unique Nest Aware promo code into any online store and proceed as usual. 

When it’s time to check out, enter your mailing address or telephone number (when required) as standard. 

That will let sites know where to ship your product.

Step 5: Sign Up For A Nest Account

To get Nest Aware, you will first need to sign up for a free trial.

This is incredibly easy! Just go to their official website page, click Try It For Free, and fill out your name, address, and credit card information. 

Your card won’t be charged unless you decide not to cancel within 30 days of signing up for your free trial. 

Note: If you don’t have enough space on your credit card for it to process immediately, that’s okay. 

You can enter fake details so you can get some footage right away while you wait for approval on your actual card. 

If all goes well with approval, then you can cancel before they charge you!

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If you want the free Nest Aware subscription, there is no other way to get it with a virtual credit card.

The trial lasts for about 14 days, after which you will have to pay for it. This can be a monthly or yearly payment plan depending on your chosen package.

If you want more than one camera in your house, you can opt for Nest Protect and get two cameras installed along with some other cool features.