Empowerment Scheme: NAVIGATING DIGITAL SPACE (Grow Smartly) 1.0

Empowerment Scheme: NAVIGATING DIGITAL SPACE (Grow Smartly) 1.0

I know what it feels like having a big dream and vision, yet can’t be brought into reality due to a lack of knowledge of the existing tool, Called SMARTPHONE.

NAVIGATING DIGITAL SPACE avails you the opportunity to utilize your SMARTPHONE and Digital spaces to bring that vision and ideas into a brand thereby creating wealth which will, in turn, make you productive and help you to grow Smartly..


These are some of the areas that will be covered by the end of the is program

  • Financial Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • How to Make Money with Little or No Capital
  • Smartphone Graphics
  • Customer Service Relation Management

This training is for
*Students * startup * Business owners

Items to come with
*Writing materials (book& pen)
*Smart phone

DATE: Saturday January 30th 2021
Venue: RCCG, 6 Kareem close by Eaglestone hotel, Bank PHB bus stop ojo barrack Lagos.

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For. More details chat wa.me/+2348184900982 or +2348184900982