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20 Most Dangerous Jobs In America

There are millions of jobs out there in the society but among these jobs are some which we have categorized the most dangerous jobs in America as far as the united states of America’s job space is concerned.

In this article, we shall be listing top 20 most dangerous jobs in America that you can find out there. This category of jobs was tagged ‘dangerous’ because of the high risks involved in the jobs in question. These jobs have recorded over the year high number of injuries to those who take them but these employees have always made history and of course are handsomely paid well by their employers for the risky job they do.

Why are there dangerous jobs generally?

These jobs we regard as dangerous were actually tagged so because they involve high risk techniques and skills when those who work them are in active duty. For example, a fire fighter is trained to by all professional means possible to quench fire outbreaks and save lives even if it means risking his own life.

Now, the bottom line of the job here is to save lives but the employee in question here can also loose his life if care is not taken by both him and his team while discharging their duties.

Can caution be taken in high risk jobs?

Of course caution can and should be take in all dangerous jobs out there. There are usually safety guidelines and precautions laid down by profession regulatory bodies to ensure that all risks are minimized to the lowest level. These cautions have saved lives massively at such jobs.

For example, a construction worker working on story-buildings is expected to be provided with a scarf holding gears to help save his life in moments of any mishap while discharging his duties and responsibilities on a building.

20 Most Dangerous Jobs In America

Here is a list of some dangerous jobs in America:

  • Electricians
  • Pest Control Workers
  • Building Cleaners
  • Security Guards
  • Cashier
  • Carpentry
  • Mining
  • Construction Labourer
  • Police officer
  • Grounds Maintenance Workers
  • Heavy duty machine operators
  • Road crossing guards
  • Heavy Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
  • Farmers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Structure and steel workers
  • Ocean guards
  • Sales workers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Waste and recyclable material collectors


Electrical works are so full of life threatening risks that are capable of snuffing life out of an electrician but being a professional, an electrician takes all the necessary precautions to avoid all manner of electrical hazards.

Pest Control Workers

The pest control workers are so much exposed to diverse kinds of pests out there within their area of operations and this can be a very daunting task that is also risky as they stand the risk of being attacked by some aggressive pests that would not want to be controlled .

Building Cleaners

The building cleaners are those who climb very high buildings to clean all the glass windows, doors and more to ensure that every part of the building is kept clean but they will have to take risks to climb high up the building to do their cleaning jobs.

Security Guards

Security Guards are those who are employed to ensure law and order within a facility and they are solely responsible for making sure that people within some sort of space or community are safe.

You can see security guards at the entrance of shopping malls, banks, market spots etc.


A Cashier is always exposed to robbery threats while at the cashier counter table or space within an office such as Banks, Malls, grocery store. When there is a robbery attack, the cashier is usually among the first persons targeted by the armed robbers because he seems to know a whole lot about the money available.


Carpentry involves a whole lot of cutting of different kinds of woods using sharp tools like saw, hammers, screw drivers, etc. The risk here is that as a carpenter is exposed to possible injuries such as deep cuts, nail piercings and more.


Mining is one of the world’s oldest jobs that there is which involves the use of certain professional techniques to discover and extract different mineral resources from the earth.

The risks in mining is so enormous but the most common is the collapse of the walk ways created by the miners during mining operations underground. The collapse a times leads to death of miners or suffocation due to heat beneath the ground where they are.

Construction Labourer

The Construction Labourer is one that can be seen taking on different roles at construction sites. The risk in this job is that the labourer can be hit by any object while in active duty and this is why they wear helmet always on site as an injury preventive measure.

Police officer

The police officer’s job is one labelled with the responsible of maintaining law and order in the society where he/she is asked to serve. The police officer’s life is consistently threatened by those breaking the law in town.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are known for driving heavy duty trucks that convey large amount of goods from one city to another. These truck drivers are so skilled but are consistently at risk of attacks, ambush and more which can lead to lose of properties and lives.

Ocean Guards

Ocean guards are usually found at the coastlines to ensure that boats, ships on sea are all safe and have no emergency. When there are emergencies, the coast guards swims into action to save the day.

Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers are great helpers to mankind when it comes transportation short or long distances within and outside town. The risk in this job is that taxi drivers get robbed sometimes and some loose their cars to car snatchers in some situations.

Heavy Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers

Heavy Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers are those engineers who mount heavy electrical power line towers in different parts of the city. They climb heights in hundreds of meters to make those installations. When there are electrical faults, they are equally responsible for the repairs which is the most risky part of their job.