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How to use Google to receive Job Alerts in your email

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How to use Google to receive job alerts in your email – Today we are going to show you a very crucial way to search for a job through the internet, we have used it for a long time and the truth is that it works very well, so we want to show you how to create job alerts in your email every time there are job offers, work, or if you prefer volunteering, scholarships, contests and other relevant information from the internet that you want to know and want to receive alerts for in your email.

This is a tool that Google offers, known as “Google Alerts”, e-mails that you receive when Google finds new results (for example, web pages, news, etc.) that coincide with your previous queries.

This “google alerts” service is completely free and you can use it however you want to receive in your email all the information you want related to the keywords you provide to the “giant”.

For example, if you are a teacher and you want to keep up to date with everything that happens in the sector that includes education professionals, we will choose the keywords such as “teacher”, “teacher”, “job for teacher”, “job for teacher “,” job offers for teachers “,” scholarships for teachers “or by specifying more; “Spanish teachers”, “job offer for primary school teacher”, “teacher in England” … so we can make a great combination of words, let your imagination play to fill in the fields. Eye! If you put “teacher” it already includes everything else.

How to Configure Email to Receive Google Alerts

This is very simple and fast, you can also modify it as many times as you want and even schedule the messages to reach you when they occur, once a day, or once a week.

Logically, the fundamental requirement to be able to use this service is to have a Google account, which is easy and quick to open as well and will give you access to many more tools provided by this “giant”.

  • Once we have logged into Google, for many this is common and even permanent on their computers, we go to the website of the Google Alerts tool.
  • We fill in the data where “search query” we enter the keyword about which we want to receive information (employment, work, teacher employment, work abroad …). «Type of result» (News, Blog …), «frequency» (every time it appears, daily, weekly), «Amount» (best results, all …). Select your email and click on “Create Alert”.

It is very simple and will keep us up to date with all the updates that we want to know.

By the way, there are some search tricks that are somewhat general on the Internet, such as:

  • Use quotation marks to perform a specific search (“Jobs in Europe”, “Work in Spain” …)
  • Write a dash in front of the “site:” operator to exclude specific sites. («Work in Oviedo» -site:
  • Write – in front of words you want to omit.

We hope this helps you to be more informed and that you do not miss a single news or job offer.

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