Legit Work At Home Jobs (And Where to Find Them)
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20 Legit Work At Home Jobs (And Where to Find Them)

The number of work at home jobs has increased due to the increasing number of companies adopting a remote-work model.

Many different types of jobs can be done from home; some are very interesting and pay well.

The article covers 20 legit work-from-home jobs.

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Work At Home Jobs

Below outlined are the top 20 work-at-home jobs.

1. Web Developer

A web developer is a person who writes software that creates websites for various organizations and businesses.

They typically work on a website’s front and back end. They earn between $25-30 per hour.

2. Software Developer

Software developers are mainly responsible for creating programs and applications like web developers.

They typically work on projects related to banking apps, corporate tax software, and mobile games.

Any company with a software product or app may need the help of software developers. $15-30 per hour.

3. WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer can create custom websites, plugins, and themes using the open-source framework.

They can also customize the tools and pages that their clients specify. Most of these developers use the PHP coding language and are experienced in securing and hosting websites.

4. Logo Designer

A logo designer is a graphic designer who creates corporate designs. They can also provide other services, such as creating business cards and color palettes.

Usually, these individuals work for around $15-20 an hour.

5. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for creating, planning, and posting content on various social media platforms.

Some managers handle accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, while others work on platforms such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. $35 per hour.

6. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager can help businesses improve their marketing efforts by providing them with the necessary advice and guidance.

This can involve implementing new software, launching campaigns, and more. Marketing managers can make up to 60 dollars an hour online.

7. Content Strategist

A content strategist is a professional who helps companies create and publish content.

This can include various forms of media such as video, audio, and data visualizations.

Small and large businesses often hire them to help them improve their marketing efforts.

8. Proof-Reader

These individuals help ensure that documents are free of errors when printed and digital.

They can also check the pages before they go live and review manuscripts and books. They can earn up to $35 an hour.

9. Translator

A translation professional can help individuals and companies produce content in various languages.

They can work on websites, marketing materials, software manuals, and more. Aside from being able to speak a wide variety of languages, translators also have the skills required to write in different dialects. This skill is helpful in various industries.

10. IT Support

Technical support specialists help software companies and other organizations by providing them with the necessary assistance to their end users.

They may also help them troubleshoot problems or explain how a particular product works.

This role requires good customer support skills and a passion for technical issues.

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11. Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager is a role that provides a variety of services to a company.

They can help solve problems and interact with potential customers. They typically charge around $19 an hour.

12. Video Editor

Video editors create finished videos for various platforms, such as YouTube and television shows. Independent producers charge around $15 to $30 an hour.

13. Data Entry

A data entry professional is responsible for extracting data from various documents.

They can then enter the data into multiple systems and documents. Usually, a data entry professional focuses on numbers.

14. Virtual Assistant

With a virtual assistant, businesses can get the help they need to run smoothly.

These individuals can work with one or more companies and carry out the same tasks that an administrative assistant would perform.

These individuals help lawyers and legal departments with various tasks, such as court cases and projects.

Some may provide general assistance, while others specialize in specific fields. Usually, independent legal assistants charge around $28 an hour.

16. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers and accountants can help individuals or companies manage their finances throughout the year or at tax time.

They can also help with various tasks, such as creating reports and issuing invoices.

17. Financial Analyst

Analysts are responsible for analyzing and planning the financial performance of a company.

They can also help clients make investments that can boost their profits. Usually, financial analysts charge around $20 to $60 an hour.

18. Wealth Manager

A wealth manager is a professional who can help individuals or companies improve their financial health. They can also provide advice on how to boost their investment performance.

19. Recruiter

Through their networks, recruiters can find qualified candidates for various job positions.

They can work for a company or an agency, and they can also be independent contractors. $10 to $55 per hour

20. Teacher

Tutors and teachers can explain concepts to groups or individuals, and they may also work with people going through corporate training.

While most instructors work with students, some may collaborate with corporate trainees.

Where to Find Work At Home Jobs

Below outlined are some places where you can find work at home jobs.


Indeed’s search feature can help users narrow their results by job title and location. Many of the available jobs on the platform are full-time remote positions.


The platform, which is used by over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, allows individuals to find work-at-home jobs that are suitable for them.

Different types of jobs are available on Upwork, such as one-time projects and long-term contracts.

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Now you know the top 20 work-at-home jobs and where to find them.

If you’re contemplating working from home, pick any of the above-listed jobs that suites your skill, experience, and certifications and start applying. Good Luc